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Turbulent Winds

Sinister winds stir in the mountains of Norsca, but these are not dark winds boding ill tidings. No, these winds radiate warmth and lure the weary cold-stricken Kislevites to a false promise. As the purple cascade of false warmth flows gently down the mountains of Norsca unto the steppes of Kislev, another icy blue wind from the heart of Kislev rushes north to counter the false warmth of Chaos. The result – a veritable windstorm over the heads of the Kislevits as the warm purples clash and collide with the icy blues. Though many long for warmth in the harsh winter of Kislev, in these trouble times they must have faith in the purity of ice. A storm is gathering over Kislev as Slaanesh begins his struggle to seduce the hearts and minds of the weak humans, but can the magics of Kislev put a chill on Slaanesh’s ambitions?

Slaanesh has entered the war along with his elder brothers Tzeentch and Khorne! Already the vile Pleasure Cultists have descended upon Kislev slaying soldiers by the scores, some dead lay gutted naked in scenes showing they hardly gave a fight. To counter the growing threat of Chaos, Kislev has called upon her loyal sons, the Kossars, to take up arms in defense of the Tsardom. With this new onslaught led by Slaanesh starting in Spring and bogging down by Autumn, both sides settled in for what was expected to be a quiet uneasy winter. This was not to be so…

Believing that the Kislevites would be drawn into a false sense of security during the winter months, Slaanesh’s minions have begun a second attack against Kislev, but this time through the winds of magic – the winds of seduction and temptation. But the magics of Kislev will not sit idly by while Slaanesh works his will. A battle of the winds has begun!

Avalanche Pass & Eltharion’s Plaza
The Turbulent Winds live event features two new scenarios to the world of Warhammer! Avalanche Pass takes players deep into the Jotunheim Mountains as the Kislevites use their Ice Magic to hold the forces of Chaos at bay. Eltharion’s Plaza takes place within the grand city of Tor Yvresse where the dark cultists of Slaanesh emerge and unleash their twisted magics upon the High Elves to fulfill their alliance with Malekith. More on these to come!

Turbulent Winds

While players participate in the Turbulent Winds live event, they have the opportunity to fulfill tasks for their realm and reap the rewards! The Basic Reward for the Turbulent Winds live event is: the Frost Orb of Cergov for the forces of Order; and the Sigil of Pain for the forces of Destruction – unique live event jewelry items! The Advanced Reward for the Turbulent Winds live event is: The Ice Star Fragment for the forces of Order; and the Essence of Suffering for the forces of Destruction – unique pocket items to channel the protection of the winds! The Elite Rewards for the Turbulent Winds live event are: the Letter to Frosthome for the forces of Order, and the Summoning of Painbringers for the forces of Destruction – two unique items which grant early access to new content! Join your realm in the wintery struggle between the powers of seduction and the powers of icy resolve!

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