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Turbulent Winds ~ Avalanche Pass

“Who goes there?!”

“Easy corporal, it’s Sergeant Blut”

“Sorry sir, it’s just this blasted snow blowing everywhere… all I can see is white! Makes me jump at every sound I hear.”

“These damned mountains have a way of playing tricks on the senses, that much is true.”

“I don’t even know why we post pickets in this weather, why I wouldn’t see the enemy before they was breathin’ down my neck! And worst yet, if they kill me, no one will hear my cry over this infernal wind!”

“A soldier’s duty… we cannot let our guard down and grow callous in our duties. Somewhere in that white emptiness beyond Avalanche Pass lays the Raven Host. We must keep vigilant!”

“Why do you suppose they call it that, sir? Avalanche Pass I mean.”

“These are the Jotunheims boy, there be giants in those mountains lookin’ for a fresh meal…”

~ Conversation between Corporal Tangrid and Sergeant Blut of the Ostermark Mountain Watch

On the northern frontier of Kislev lay the Jotunheim Mountains of Norsca, a rugged chain of mountains said to be home to cruel frost giants. As the war for the fate of men wages on, the Norscan’s play a key role in the struggle as they are the primary source for the Chaos armies. With Slaanesh joining the ranks of his brothers Tzeentch and Khorne, the Chaos efforts in Norsca become a greater concern. If the forces of Order can repel Chaos from Norsca, they can sever Chaos from its manpower.

With the main offensive against the Raven Host’s stronghold in the Jotunheims coming from the south through Aesir Pass, the forces of Kislev and the Empire are planning a flanking attack from the east through Avalanche Pass. They approach through territory largely devoid of humans as below ground reign the Norse Dwarves, and above ground the frost giants. Hoping that the Raven Host will leave this pass unguarded, the Order of the Griffon and the forces of Kislev prepare for a trek through the dangerous mountains.

Avalanche Pass is a murder-ball scenario. As the forces of Order approach from the east, their movements have not gone unnoticed, and the Raven Host has begun to mobilize units towards the western end of the pass, though it is hesitant to enter the pass itself. The battle will be waged as both forces enter the wind-swept pass and fight not only each other, but the blinding snowstorm, and rockfalls caused by the giants above. The only sure way across the pass is to obtain the Beacon of Everlight, an ancient dwarven relic jutting out of the snow. The realm which captures the relic will accrue points faster and succeed in lighting the way for reinforcements.

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