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Turbulent Winds ~ Eltharion’s Plaza

And this, children, is Eltharion’s Plaza! In all of Tor Yvresse no place is more solemn, no place dearer to our Warden than this. Why, children? Let me tell you the sad tale of this plaza…

A long time ago before Eltharion was our Warden, he was a young elf full of courage and exquisite martial skill. Few Asur commanders ever dared to raid Naggaroth, and of those none ever came back. None until Eltharion. Our dear Warden went to that dark land and assaulted Malekith’s lair to let the Druchii know that they were safe no where and the Asur feared them not. Unbeknownst to him, during his raid on Naggaroth a greenskin war-horde landed upon the shores of Yvresse and led a bloody assault on our shining city. Eltharion knew not of the struggle that was taking place here, and during his raid on Naggaroth he was mortally wounded and lay in his death throes as his ship sailed home for Ulthuan. It was a vision of his father dying at the hands of the greenskins in Tor Yvresse that gave Eltharion the strength to recover and to return to Tor Yvresse to repel the greenskins. With the previous Warden dead and much of the city in ruins, Eltharion was given the mantle of the Warden and he tasked the Yvressians to rebuild their mighty city. Everywhere the buildings were rebuilt, everywhere save where his family was slaughtered by the greenskins. His own home he did not rebuild, instead he let nature reclaim the soils into which his family’s blood soaked. That place is where we stand now, Eltharion’s Plaza, and we stand here to always remember the sacrifices of our ancestor’s and always be alert for the forces of darkness which seek to end our way of life.

~ Cedwic Firecloud of Tor Yvresse

Through acts of great suffering and bloodshed, Malekith drew Slaanesh into the war against the forces of Order. Slaanesh’s primary role was to break the humans of their will, and with them removed, the High Elves would fall soon after. However, Slaanesh’s role was not to be confined to the Old World, for Malekith had need of the Chaos god in Ulthuan. The bond between Slaanesh and the Dark Elves was always very strong due to Morathi’s role in proliferating the Cults of Pleasure. Now Slaanesh’s minions arrive on the soils of Ulthuan to fulfill their pact with the Druchii.

Malekith’s target on the eastern coast of Ulthuan is Cothique, but Cothique cannot be fully conquered so long as Yvresse stands strong, and the bastion of Yvresse is its mighty city of Tor  Yvresse. A frontal assault on the citadel would exhaust Druchii resources and yield little. No, the Druchii need to weaken the town from within, but they themselves will be exposed to quickly if they attempt to enter the town – it is here the minions of Slaanesh come to act. The recent alliance between the High Elves and the Empire has led to an opening of the borders of Ulthuan – previously tightly sealed. Humans are more prevalent in the towns of Ulthuan, particularly in towns with great magical importance. So a human walking through the streets of Tor Yvresse seeking to further their magical powers would raise little alarm… until it was too late. Once the magics of Slaanesh are unleashed within the walls of Tor Yvresse it will be vulnerable to the Druchii assault!

Elatharion’s Plaza takes place within the town of Tor Yvresse just after the agents of Slaanesh have begun their third-column assault upon the city. The Druchii quickly begin to press their assault upon the weakened town as the Shining Guard rallies to repel them. The heart of the struggle takes place upon the grounds of Eltharion’s Plaza – a memorial to all those lost in the great defense of Tor Yvresse against Grom the Paunch and his greenskin horde. But it is not only for psychological reasons that the Druchii assault this location, for a powerful menhir is located here. Eltharion’s Plaza is a multiple-point capture scenario as both factions seek to control the powerful menhir located centrally in the plaza, and the lofty towers of the High Elf magical academy.

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  1. December 26, 2011 at 3:06 PM

    Did you quit eka?

  2. December 26, 2011 at 3:09 PM

    Quit what? Blogging or WAR? No, I’m just really busy with the holiday season.

    • December 30, 2011 at 4:52 AM

      I meant WAR, I started playing again. Good to know you havent quit :D, you werent in the kots roster. so I was sad

  3. January 6, 2012 at 5:43 AM


    I just started playing WAR. I love your artwork. I’m all about concept art and game ideas, I worked on some for my favorite game as a kid, Ghouls’N Ghosts. I am an artist too (painitng)!


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