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Arcane Tempest


As the soldiers of Kislev huddled behind the creaking palisades of the frontier forts, the winds engaged in a turbulent clash above their heads. From the south a sheer icy wind cut through the Kislevites as they tried desperately to resist the lure of the warmth flowing from the Norscan mountains to the north. The steel blue wind of ice magic rushed north across the steppes spiraling up as it met the Norscan foothills and collided with the violet winds pulsing with warmth. Winter is just settling in and already the Kislevites are forced to bear the brunt assault of the elements and the looming threat of Chaos. The forlorn Kislevites face little choice but to fight in the harshest conditions, for it seems certain that the forces of Slaanesh will assault Kislev while it struggles to fend off the freezing cold and the tempting lure of Slaanesh’s wiles.

Already the drums of war are being sounded in the Norse mountains – the forces of Chaos marshal and prepare for an assault. Slaanesh is bringing a fresh force into the conflict in an attempt to tip the scales of war in his favor. Leading the hosts of Slaanesh’s legion are his newest creations – the androgynous Haruspices. These powerful spell-casters weave the suffering of the world into twisted energies of pain and pleasure. 

Sensing the imminent threat from the forces of Chaos, the Tsarina of Kislev is being forced to commit her own magical forces in the defense of her Tsardom. Marching into war for the first time in many ages are the Ice Witches of Frosthome, from which the Tsarina herself hails. Though their numbers are few, Tsarina Katarina has already begun the process of enlisting young girls in larger numbers at Frosthome that they may join the ranks of the soldiers defending Kislev. The Ice Witches of Frosthome are about to engage in the deadliest test of their knowledge of ice magic as they clash with the minions of Slaanesh.

Order players who acquired the Letter to Frosthome in the Turbulent Winds live event have two weeks early access to the Ice Witch. Destruction players who acquired the Summoning of Painbringers in the Turbulent Winds live event have two weeks early access to the Haruspex.

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