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Haruspex ~ Slaanesh RDPS

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You were born in agony, and you shall die in agony. You have been fed on the pain of your enemies and nourished on the suffering of the weak. When you are cut and bleed, smear your blood across your body and take joy at its warmth. You shall not know fear nor feel the cut of the enemy’s blade across your skin, for these are attributes of the pathetic and the unworthy. Embrace your own pain and turn it into pleasure. Take in the pain of those around you and forge it into a weapon that will devastate the foes of the Dark Prince. Go forth and unleash the Dark Winds for the glory of your master.

Iskar Paindrinker, Chosen of Slaanesh


Archtype – Range DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Staff

Mechanic – Winds of Agony

  • You have a pool of 200 points of Winds of Agony, the suffering harvested from all the tortured souls throughout the ages. Your abilities consume Winds of Agony and as you fight you will deplete this pool. You may harness the suffering in combat to replenish your pool of Winds of Agony.

Mastery Trees

  • Depravity – Your far reaching sense of pain allows you to focus on long ranged attacks to devastate those who fear to approach your beauty.
  • Vice – You tap into the sense of lust in your enemies as your presence overwhelms them and focus on medium ranged attacks.
  • Turpitude – You can taste the very suffering of the souls around you and use it to fuel deadly short ranged attacks against those who would dare touch your body.  Read more…
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