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Crimson Fields

Slaanesh had ordered an attack on Kislev in the middle of winter, hoping to catch the Kislevites off guard, but nothing can disturb the frigid air of the north without alerting the Ice Witches of Frosthome. Keen to return the favor and strike at the forces of Chaos while their forces were split, the armies of the Empire march for the dreaded slopes of High Pass. Their target – Bastion Stair, the stronghold of Khorne’s armies. Khorne has seen their movements and delights in the coming bloodshed. The Red Winter is about to begin…

Slaanesh’s winter offensive, fueled by his new hosts of Haruspices, has led the Kislevites to call upon the full assistance of the Ice Witches. As the winter struggle between Slaanesh and Kislev is waged in the north, Order commanders have concluded that the time has come for them to strike first. With the Raven Host in the eastern Empire, and Slaanesh engaged in the foothills of Norsca, Khorne is alone, or so the Order commanders think…

If the forces of Order can strike at Bastion Stair and raze the foul complex, they hope to break the hosts of Chaos. Little do they know that Khorne has foreseen the bloodshed and already grins at the coming bloodletting. Blood will cascade down from Bastion Stair into the steppes of Kislev once more.

Erengrad Docks & Blood Arena
The tide of War stretches across the Kislevite lands. A seaborn invasion of Erengrad led by savage Norse tribes has caught the city off-guard, thinking the ice floes of winter would protect their harbor. A vicious struggle ensues in the very heart of the great Kislevite port. Players are also forced to descend once more into the Blood Arena in vain hopes of dealing the ‘final blow’ – no amount of bloodshed will ever stop Khorne.

Crimson Fields

While players participate in the Crimson Fields live event, they have the opportunity to fulfill tasks for their realm and reap the rewards! The Basic Reward for the Crimson Fields live event is: the Kislevite Ice Vodka for the forces of Order; and the Bones of the Fallen for the forces of Destruction – unique waist-mounted trophies! The Advanced Reward for the Crimson Fields live event is: The Signet Ring of Erengrad for the forces of Order; and the Mark of Asavar Kul for the forces of Destruction – unique live event jewelry items! The Elite Rewards for the Crimson Fields live event are: the Colonel’s Commission for the forces of Order, and the Bloodsworn Oath for the forces of Destruction – two unique items which grant early access to new content! Join your realm in the bloody struggle as the forces of Order dare to challenge Khorne in his lair!

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