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Carrion Feast


The men of the Empire and Kislev marched against the harsh winds of winter with one goal in mind – the devastation of Bastion Stair. They had hoped that the season would give them the element of surprise and that the elements would conceal their movements – they were wrong. Khorne sees all and foresaw the coming bloodshed. He knew the attack would decimate his forces in Bastion Stair, but such was his will. From the blood of those slain in the Red Winter a new host of the most savage warriors yet to march under Khorne’s banner would emerge. Order may have proved victorious in the Red Winter, but at what cost? Not only did the Empire lose hundreds of lives to the bloody struggle, but their blood nurtured a new beast, one who longed for more.

As the blood from the Blood Arena dripped down into the chambers below, it christened a new host of warriors whose savagery the world has not yet seen. Born of the Red Winter are Khorne’s new legion of Skull Reapers – men with bloodshot eyes who live only to serve Khorne’s two needs – Blood for the Blood God, and Skulls for the Skull Throne. They have but one purpose in life, and that is to slay and collect skulls for their master, and their first victims shall be the Kislevites who have for far too long lived in the shadow of Bastion Stair.

Facing unspeakable carnage, Tsarina Katarina has taken upon the decision to send forth her most seasoned warriors to confront the legions of Khorne. Already the Lynsk flows red with blood and Praag is naught but one large glowing ember – a burnt out husk of its former glory. The villages of the Northern Wastes and Troll Country lay in utter ruin. Marching to the front lines of the struggle against Khorne are Kislev’s grandest sons – the Boyars. These noble men have more seasons of warfare under their belts than any, and their commanding presence shall stabilize the faltering Kislevite front. Their time of sitting at the Tsarina’s court has passed, now is the time for action.

Order players who acquired the Colonel’s Commission in the Crimson Fields live event have two weeks early access to the Boyar. Destruction players who acquired the Bloodsworn Oath in the Crimson Fields live event have two weeks early access to the Skull Reaper.

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