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Boyar ~ Kislev HDPS

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‘Twenty three winters ago the fate of Kislev lay on the balances. Most of you are too young to remember those days, but that you live is a testament to capability of men like me… men greater than me! In that winter the skaven emerged from Hell Pit and joined forces with the Norse in a great northern onslaught. Whether they actually worked together or it was a mere coincidence no one can say, but what is for certain is that the combined numbers of those two great hordes of wild creatures almost broke Kislev. But we prevailed, Kislev prevailed. The boyars held the lines and never let Kislev falter. Every son of Kislev should strive to  become a noble, but even more so, every son of Kislev should strive to earn the prestige in battle to become one of the Tsarina’s Boyars!”

~ Bogdan Taryn, Magnate of Koniecpole


Archtype – Heavy DPS

Armor – Heavy Splint

Weapon – Great-staff

Mechanic – Warden of Kislev

  • You are trained and hardened to withstand the coldest winter gale and fiercest Norse onslaught. Trained for endurance, you prevail in the long-term where others would fail. Learning from the maneuvers of your enemy, you increase your martial prowess as you fight. You have a pool of 0-120 Warden of Kislev points which will increase over time as you engage your marked target; each point equates to one point of weapon skill.

Master Trees

  • Ursun – The mighty god of Kislev gives you strength! You focus on fighting heavy armored units.
  • Tor – The god of thunder enlightens senses as you fight on! You focus on long duration battles.
  • Drazh – The god of fire fills your soul with a burning hatred for the enemy. You focus on weakening your opponents. Read more…
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