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Skull Reaper ~ Khorne HDPS

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“Laying chained to the floor facing up are among the strongest Norsemen; but their strength is nothing compared to what it will be when Khorne’s blood fills their soul with a yearning to kill. Above these men is an iron grate – the floor of a massive arena where daemons fight each other. As the daemons are wounded and slain, their blood drips through the grate down onto the men below. All are christened as the blood drips on their bodies – these will be Khorne’s warriors. The lucky catch the blood on their tongues as it drips into their mouths – these will have a daemonic appetite for blood drive them. But a select few lay there with chains strapped across their chest watching the bloodbath above and are blessed to have a droplet of blood fall onto their eye – these are filled with the spirit and soul of a bloodletter, these are the Skull Reapers.”

~ Hurron Warpeye, Librarian of the Inevitable City

Skull Reaper

Archtype – Heavy DPS

Armor – Heavy Splint

Weapon – Greatsword

Mechanic – Skull Keeper

  • You have been blessed to have the blood of a daemon drip into your eye, giving you a daemonic insight into the ways of your foe. With a piercing bloodshot eye, you learn to adapt in battle and survive longer than your weaker counterparts. Quick to adjust to your enemy’s tactics and attacks, you increase your martial prowess as you fight. You have a pool of 0-120 Skull Keeper points which will increase over time as you engage your marked target; each point equates to one point of weapon skill.

Mastery Trees

  • Persecution – You hunt down those who hide behind thick armor hoping it will protect them from your savage blows.
  • Misery – You are driven to prolong your enemies’ death and bleed every drop of blood out of them.
  • Deprivation – Your soul is ravished at the thought of the weak suffering and you wear them down further. Read more…
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