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Status Update

September 15, 2012 2 comments

Greetings fellow readers far and wide! I see that despite not existing for 4 months the droves keep checking my blog and waiting for something fresh from the Hypothetical world. Unfortunately after tallying up 1,700+ kilometers on foot in the past months, I am not done yet. That being said my internet access is… shall we say limited.

I’d guess that at this point most people check this blog not actually dreaming of great things for Warhammer Online (seeing how that child was orphaned in favor of Wrath of Heroes), but instead people simply come here to get a taste of the Warhammer world and IP. Warhammer Online was a game I dearly loved despite its short-comings, and through WO:AoR I was introduced to the Warhammer IP and grew rather fond of all that it is. I do not know the current fate of the game (though I have my suspicions…) though I will always miss the epic battles of yore.

With these facts on the table I did the unthinkable and set up a twitter account so that that one day when I can sit down and post the remainder of my ideas, those who wish to ‘follow’ that account can do so more easily. Or you can continue checking this blog weekly. Any long lost friends can also try to email me at my shadow warriors name at hotmail. One day I shall return and finish what I set out to do (when I get the art and the time =P). Until then… remember the blood of our fallen commrades in WAR!

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