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Battle of the Frontiers

TheAssaultonLothern_0In a calculated maneuver to overwhelm the defenses of the opposing realm’s capital cities – the Druchii forces of House Uthorin withdrew from the conflict in Dragonwake to strike at Eataine, and the Bloody Sun Boyz intensified their assault on Kadrin Valley, despite the ‘gud bashin’ in Thunder Mountain. In an attempt to outwit their enemy, the forces of Order marched on the opposition’s bastions, with the Shining Guard doubling all its efforts in the struggle to gain supremacy in Caledor, and the Oathguards seeking to avenge the grudge of Karak Drazh in Black Crag. The result was nothing more than a bloodbath across the lands nearest to the capitals of the Asur, Druchii, Dwaves, and Greenskins.


As both realms push the offensive near their enemy’s capital, the struggle in the lands adjacent to the capitals has intensified. While Dragonwake and Thunder Mountain have grown eerily quiet, Caledor, Eataine, Black Crag, and Kadrin Valley have erupted into fields of carnage that lead many to believe that the end is nigh. Will either faction prevail near the heart of their enemy? Only time will tell what fruits this reckless offensive will bear.

Stonesong Plateau & The Shrine of Lileath

As the bloodtorn elves wage a bloody war against each other on their ancient home, the lands of Caledor and Eataine soak the blood of the fallen. While the main hosts fight in the valley of Caledor, a crucial struggle has begun atop the jagged ledges above the valley as the Shining Guard seeks to outflank House Uthorin and strike at Malekith’s Fist. In Eataine the renewed assault by House Uthorin has brought them to the mysterious Shrine of Lileath whose crumbling walls bear great hidden power.

Kardin Valley Pass & Black Crag Keep

In the World’s Edge Mountains the struggle for the survival of Karak Ankor is being waged in Kadrin Valley and Black Crag. In Kadrin Valley the Bloody Sun Boyz descend upon Karak Kadrin via a secluded pass which shelters gyrocopter landing pads which help keep the Slayer Keep supplied. In Black Crag the Oathbearers begin their final assault on the twisted Greenskin fortress that has grown on the ruins of the lost Karak Drazh – the last Greenskin bastion before Karak Eight Peaks.

Halls of Ekrund

As the struggle for Karak Ankor is redoubled and the World’s Edge Mountains echo with the din of battle – the Bloody Sun Boyz have ordered an intensified assault on Ekrund in hopes of discovering an underground passage into Karaz-a-Karak. Their efforts have indeed opened up another series of chambers – journey to Ekrund and partake in the struggle for the Halls of Ekrund to see what new rewards await you!

Battle of the FrontiersBotF Rewards

While players participate in the Battle of the Frontiers live event, they have the opportunity to fulfill tasks for their realm and reap the rewards! The Basic Reward for the Battle of the Frontiers live event is: the Valesworn Elixir for the forces of Order; and the Drakespine Venom for the forces of Destruction – potions with unique effects to aid you in the struggle against your hated foe! The Advanced Reward for the Battle of the Frontiers live event is: Lileath’s Dream for the forces of Order; and the Tormented Soulcharm for the forces of Destruction – unique live event jewelry items! The Elite Rewards for the Battle of the Frontiers live event are: the Defender’s Laurels for the forces of Order, and the Siegebreaker’s Skull for the forces of Destruction – two unique shoulder-mounted trophies to help you in your future struggles! Join your realm in the carnage that spans Ulthuan and the World’s Edge Mountains – may your victory bring your realm closer to the final battle!


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