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Battle of the Frontiers ~ Stonesong Plateau


“What news of the Druchii host that abandoned Dragonwake?” Menythaer asked as he pulled back the branches of a large bush to have a better view of the valley of Caledor below.

“No sightings of them yet sir, but when they appear on the horizon we’ll be in a better position to cut them off in their retreat,” a young scout replied.

“They won’t come this way,” a grim voice interrupted.

Menythaer and the scout turned around surprised. “And who are you to barge in on our council?” the scout demanded in an arrogant voice betraying his notion of his status.

“The Druchii abandoned their position in Dragonwake to strengthen their assault on Eataine; your journey here could have been a waste,” the unknown figure stated as a shadow emerged from the cliff-face.

“East into Eataine? But then…” Menythaer let his thoughts linger a while, “How do you know this? This means our journey to Caledor was for naught! Lothern is in peril and we are leagues away to help!” Menythaer cried out in despair.

“I said your journey could have been a waste, not that it was,” the figure walked into the light revealing his hooded and masked face. He walked past them crouching on the ground. “Lothern will manage without you. We will make the most of your journey here and strike at the Druchii in a manner which will most inconvenience them.” Placing his hand on the young scout’s shoulder he pointed below and let their eyes follow his finger, “There.”

“That ledge crawling with beastmasters?” the scout asked.

“That ledge overlooks the valley of Caledor below as it cuts through the mountains from west to east. Beyond that gap in the rocks lay Malekith’s Fist, and if we control that position we can not only observe the movements of the Druchii, but we can also cut off their reinforcements for the struggle in Eataine,” the shadow warrior stated.

“Those banners flying on that ledge are of House Uthorin. They will not lightly give up that position,” the scout added.

“Do not let foolish thoughts cloud your mind. Only by our blood will Ulthuan’s freedom be won,” the shadow warrior stoically said.

“By our blood…” Menythaer echoed quietly, “What do they call this place which our blood shall free from the grasp of darkness?”

“Stonesong Plateau.”

An element of the Shining Guard has followed hidden passes in Caledor and reached the secluded Stonesong Plateau which lays on the western edge of the valley that bisects the mountainous region. Due to its location, Stonesong Plateau offers a crucial vantage point for monitoring the movements of armies below – and for this reason House Uthorin has garrisoned it with its beastmasters. Now in an attempt to gain supremacy in the struggle over southern Ulthuan, the Shining Guard strikes at this key objective.

Stonesong Plateau is the newest scenario in Warhammer. The first wave of the bloody battle are concluded with the beastmasters of Naggaroth slain and their blood dripping down the cliff-face below, but House Uthorin and her allies are not quick to forget, nor forgive. Now the forces of Order must fiercely hold onto their grimly won possession and hold off the forces of Destruction. Stonesong Plateau is a deathmatch scenario, and as much as the players must balance their footing along the dangerous precipices, they must also balance the slaughter – if one realm is leading in points by a margin of 200 then the losing realm will be aided by a beast of war (a black drake from the beastmasters of Naggaroth, or a Sun Dragon from the Dragon Princes of Caledor) and gain an attack bonus from their new found ally to help turn the tide of the battle.

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