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Battle of the Frontiers ~ Shrine of Lileath

LILEATH_004“Just across that hill m’lord,” the shade whispered in a harsh voice.

Beastlord Hargrave rode up beside the shade, “This had better be worth my time, or I’ll show you what value worthless worms like you have.” He stroked the neck of his Cold One and with a twisted smile said, “Goretongue knows.”

“I am certain this will be a worthy find,” the shade replied.

As the small patrol reached the crest of the next hill before them appeared a large shrine nestled in a valley amongst the hills.

Beastlord Hargrave snatched the shade by his throat and lifted him off the saddle of his steed, “You brought me to see these ruins?!” As the shade fought with all his might to catch a breath, suddenly whispers filled the air and as quickly stopped. Beastlord Hargrave turned his head from side to side looking for the source, but his eyes found nothing nearby. His grasp loosened and the shade slid back onto his saddle gasping for air and rubbing his neck.

“The voices… what cursed place is this?” Hargrave snarled.

“The shrine of Lileath, greatly valued by the Asur, m’lord.”

“Harlot of a goddess,” Hargrave said spitting onto the ground.

“There are no defenders… no worshipers… hardly a site I’d say is valued,” the Beastlord’s second in command stated coldly.

“Lileath speaks to her followers in their dreams,” the shade replied.

“Good,” the Beastlord snarled, “Then if we raze the ruins to the ground, she will call to them and they will come. They will come, and we will be waiting.”

The Shrine of Lileath is the newest scenario in Warhammer. Located in the rolling hills of Eataine, the Shrine had thus far eluded the prying eyes of the Druchii. Now the Druchii and their allies ride to the shrine with the hope of desecrating it and drawing the High Elves out onto the open field for battle. However, Lileath sees all and speaks to her followers through dreams. Already the Shining Guard is mobilizing the counter the threat and reach the shrine before their foes can blaspheme on its grounds.

The Shrine of Lileath is a rotating-three-point scenario as both realms vie for control of the shrine. Players will fight for control over the Sanctuary – the interior of the shrine where the powers of Lileath are strongest; the Arcades – an avenue of columns and arches that inspire artists from all over Ulthuan; and the Garden of Dreams – a place where many weary elves have let their minds rest and be filled with the whispers of Lileath.

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