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Battle of the Frontiers ~ Black Crag Keep


BCK MapA blast from the powder keg sent a flurry of small stones flying outwards from the mouth of the old mine. The largest boulders shifted slightly at first, but then one at the bottom cracked in half and with its shattering all of a sudden the entire wall of boulders blocking the exit from the mine shaft collapsed out into the canyon below. Two dwarves emerged from the dust out into daylight – behind them still in the tunnel a column of Oathbearers as far as the eye could see.

“I knew that stone was the keystone. Why use a dozen when one well-placed keg’ll do the trick,” the engineer Jorgrim Ironhand said coughing slightly as the dust filled his lungs.

“Aye Jorri, but only ye have the brains to calculate such a feat,” Gilar replied.

“These old abandoned tunnels of Karak Drazh served us well. Greenskins didn’t even know they were here, and they led us almost to the foot of Butcher’s Pass. There,” Jorgrim Ironfist said using one hand to cover his brow against the glare of the sun and the other to point at the distance, “That’s the viper’s nest blocking a flanking attack on Butcher’s Pass. Impregnable wench infested with greenskins.”

“I’ve yet to meet a wench that’s impregnable,” Gilar said tugging on his long beard, straining to get a better look at the greenskin fort that lay ahead in the valley below. He took out a small dried apple and began to carve it with a dagger. “That vale is only accessible from two points – narrow gaps in the canyon carved by the river,” Gilar stated motioning with his dagger at the scene in front of them.

“They may not have much for brains, but the greenskins picked the ideal location to guard the flank north of Karak Eight Peaks. To pass through that bottleneck would cost hundreds of lives before we could even reach the walls.”

“You’ve a mind for using powder kegs to shatter stones my friend, but yer eye needs tuning. There above the rocky outcrop with the dwarf statue toppled and defaced,” Gilar said motioning his dagger with a piece of apple skewered on the end, “a small trail runs atop that crest barely visible to the eye from this elevation. From below it’s like it isn’t even there. It’ll add two days march to reach there, but from that location we can bypass the bottleneck in the canyon walls and strike at Black Crag keep from the front.”

“Give me four days and I’ll get you a few organ guns atop that crest,” Jorri added.

“Worth the wait. In a week’s time the Oathbearers will strike at that sad excuse for a keep – boards held together by mud – and the way will be open to strike at the doors of Karak Eight Peaks.”

Following a network of abandoned and thought-to-be collapsed mines and tunnels, a small Oathbearer contingent has reached a pass tucked in the south-east of Black Crag that leads south into Karak Eight Peaks. The fortress simply known as Black Crag Keep is ideally located to make any attack from this direction futile, yet if it were to fall then the path to Karak Eight Peaks would lay open. By taking advantage of the old tunnels the greenskins never bothered to protect, the Oathbearers have found an approach to Black Crag Keep that bypasses the deadly bottleneck and allows for a direct assault on the keep.

Black Crag Keep is the newest scenario in Warhammer. This scenario is a triple-domination point scenario as the two factions struggle for domination over this critical battle objective. The key points of battle are the northern ruins, central ruins, and southern ruins – all ruins of an ancient dwarven fortress now overgrown by a crude greenskin fort. The struggle here will help decide the fate of Karak Eight Peaks and the future of the Bloody Sun Boyz.

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