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At the Gates ~ Malekith’s Fist

City - Black Ark

War has come to the gates of Malekith’s Fist – the very stronghold of the forces of House Uthorin that is leading the assault on Lothern. Ahead of the Shining Guard looms the massive Black Ark which seems to steal the light from the sun and shroud the land in darkness. Above the Black Ark the sky is dotted with all manners of dark beasts, below it the corsair fleet lay at anchor, and  lining its walkways are elite crews manning deadly repeater bolt throwers. The struggle will be vicious and bloody, but the Shining Guard must destroy Malekith’s Fist and shatter the Druchii foothold on Ulthuan. MALFISTDONE

Malekith’s Fist – a floating city-fortress representing not only the long reach of the Druchii military might, but also a sore reminder of the Sundering that cost the Asur so dearly. Across a wide ramp that links the Black Ark to the mainland one passes the massive doors leading into the belly of the beast – beyond those doors reign the cries of pain and sorrow. The main floor of Malekith’s Fist houses the barracks of Malekith’s chosen executioners, led by their famed and feared captain Tullaris. Behind the Executioner Barracks, situated in a lower hall known as the Forge of Sorrows, stairs lead up to the Hall of the Cries of the Weak where the Beastmasters of Karond Kar train their Cold Ones and reward them with living prisoners. Here Malus Darkblade commands the Cold One knights and holds sway over this dismal hall.

Below the main floor ramps lead down into the sub-level of the Black Ark which is an interior harbor known as the Dark Pit. Cages of Cold Ones adorn the ceiling of the Dark Pit; cages dripping with blood and shards of broken bones as prisoners are fed to the savage beasts. The Dark Pit is home to the corsair fleet of Malekith’s Fist which represents the long-arm of Malekith’s seat of power. In this realm where darkness reigns Shadowblade and his assassins lurk in the shadows.


Above the main floor of the Black Ark one follows two ramps which lead to the exterior walkway. Re-entering the Black Ark one finds himself at the Chamber of the Frozen North (at the rear of the Ark) or the Abyss of Souls at the front of the Ark. The Chamber of the Frozen North holds the vast library of Malekith’s Fist and appropriately so it is crawling with sorceresses who channel the dark winds from the Towers of the Dark Winds; they are led by Neralis Dhar-Matron of the Dark Convent of Ghrond. The Abyss of Souls is a chamber where purple streams of the souls of the innocent cascade down fonts from the ceiling above – here the Disciples of Khaine led by Haridar of Har Ganeth lead a dark rite to appease Khaine.

The third floor of the Black Ark houses the quarters of House Uthorin, led by Lord Uthorin himself, and the Blood Temple where Crone Hellebron leads the witch elves in the blood rituals needed to sate Khaine’s thirst for blood. The fourth floor of the Black Ark is the last line of defense for Malekith, for it is where Kouran and the elite Black Guards hold sway. The fifth and final floor of Malekith’s Fist is where the throne room is located, and it is from here that Malekith casts his longing eye towards the Phoenix Throne, with is ever-plotting mother Morathi ever at his side.

Join the Shining Guard in the assault on Malekith’s Fist and face the champions of the Druchii in the greatest struggle the Asur have faced since the Sundering.


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  1. JoeRandom
    March 26, 2013 at 2:36 AM

    So at the behest of a friend who also used to play WAR I stumbled on your blog,
    And almost cried..

    On one hand thank you for all of this – on the other I feel like petrol bombing bioware..
    Seriously how could they frak it up this bad? 😦

    • Archexecutor
      March 28, 2013 at 12:29 PM

      It’s called EA. EA forced Mythic to release a game half-done and full of bugs, then blamed its creator for their own misgivings and then fired him.
      Then they shoved excrement in the faces of their fans with the rushed Mass Effect 3 ending(s).
      Need I remind you they ruined Command & Conquer 4 and Dragon Age 2 by uberrushing? 😉
      They have always been about the deadlines, which they consider the only factor relevant to a game’s income.

      • Archexecutor
        March 28, 2013 at 12:36 PM

        However, WAR’s current team does seem to care somewhat for it. They’ve done some much needed improvements, albeit too little too late. IMO WAR is still viable, despite its shortcomings:)

    • April 22, 2013 at 5:28 AM

      Thank you for your support =) I had always hoped this blog would somehow motivate Mythic to implement any of my ideas, to show that there are ways to improve WAR. I think the Warhammer franchise has a lot of potential, but am sad with the state of WAR. When Mythic invited me to their studio I was filled with hope, but alas that venture had other intentions. I post now mainly to finish what I started. Maybe one day Warhammer will be turned into a MMO worthy of the IP.

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