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At the Gates ~ Lothern

lothern GateThe Druchii host led by House Uthorin has made it to the gates of Lothern and begun to batter down its gates and outer defenses! Its gleaming white walls lined with deadly Eagle Claw bolt throwers – the metallic tips of the bolts reflecting the sunlight into the eyes of the invaders. Great eagles and griffins take to the skies to protect their realm from the onslaught of darkness. With Khaine’s blessing the streets of Lothern shall run red with Asur blood. LOTHERN

Lothern – the very heart of the resistance of the High Elves towards the overwhelming might of the Druchii. Beyond its outer gate lay a dense network of streets and alleys, all fiercely defended by the Lothern Sea Guard. North along the city frontier lay the Inner Sea Coast, a mix of bustling ports and terraces overlooking the glimmering sea. It is from the Lothern Docks that the Lothern Sea Guard sets sail to protect the waters of the Inner Sea and the Straits of Lothern. However, the arrival of the Druchii at the gates of Lothern has also heralded the arrival of a dark-sailed ship and its lethal crew – the legendary shadow warriors who lead a guerilla war in Naggaroth, and their leader Alith Anar. Also docked on the Inner Sea Coast is the massive Phoenix Flame, the flagship of the Lothern Sea Guard. The commander of the Lothern Sea Guard, Sea Lord Aislinn, commands this powerful military arm of Lothern – his defeat would shatter the naval might of the city-state.

Centrally located in Lothern along the March of Asur is the Bel-Korhandis Plaza with its four powerful estates ringing it. Within the halls of these four estates are magical artifacts sealed to contain their dark powers. In the center of the plaza the Eagle Tower dominates the skyline. The warriors of Hoeth have come to Lothern in this time of great peril to safeguard the artifacts, and at their head is none other than the blind swordmaster Eltharion the Grim. Further along the March of Asur are the Phoenix Gardens – a complex hedge-maze of ever shifting walls. At the heart of the Phoenix Garden is the Tower of Isha protected by the famed Phoenix Guard and its captain, Caradryan Ryman.

On the southern side of Lothern lay two imposing structures representing the power of the Inner Kingdoms – the Silverhelm Stables with their famed knights from Ellyrion, and the Academy with all the wisdom of Saphery at its side. The Silverhelm Stables are not only defended by the elite cavalry of the High Elves, but also by the White Lions of Chrace led by Korhil who is said to walk with the ghost of Charandis at his side. The Academy is a complex of four structures all linked together, much as the knowledge of all ages is linked together. The key structure which towers over all of Lothern however is the Tower of Teclis defended by perhaps the most powerful mage in the world.

Lastly in the north-east of Lothern lay the Council Quarters and the Phoenix Throne itself – the very object of Malekith’s most powerful desire. The Council Quarters consist of the Dragon Tower – the seat of the visiting Dragon Princes of Caledor led by Dragon Prince Imrik, and of the Shining Guard Quarters which Tyrion himself leads the defense of Ulthuan. The most powerful warrior of Ulthuan is the final shield that lay between the forces of House Uthorin and the Phoenix King, Finubar.

Join House Uthorin in the assault on Lothern and face the greatest champions of the High Elves in the final battle that begun with the Sundering.

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