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At The Gates ~ Karak Eight Peaks

k8p-3At last the time has come for the dwarves to address one of the greatest grudges ever inflicted upon them – the fall of Karak Eight Peaks. Standing before the massive defiled gates, the Oathbearers spearhead the attack with the help of their allies to dislodge the Greenskin from the World’s Edge Mountains. The grand statues of once proud kings are profaned by Greenskin filth, adding to the drive behind the dwarven host. Though the mountains crawl with a living slick green film, the forces of Order are undaunted by the task before them. Now is the time to strike at the forces of Destruction. karakeightpeaks2Though the gates of Karak Eight Peaks may be breached by the forces of Order, the struggle to reclaim the grand dwarven hold is far from done. The eight peaks of the famed mountains are formed in a circle around a valley; it is along these interior faces of the peaks that the threat-from-above looms over the forces of Order. Doom Reaper Catapults, wyverns, lobbas of varied assorts, and even trolls hurling boulders. If the forces of Order have any hope of reclaiming the surface of Karak Eight Peaks and its grand amphitheater-like valley they must secure the gate and clear the skies of hostile forces.

Located on the valley floor two grand Greenskin structures dominate the area, but before they can even be assailed first the mountaintops must be cleared – the first battle for Karak Eight Peaks will be to reclaim the very peaks one by one and set the gobbo slums aflame. Reigning over the petty warlords of the gobbo villages is Guthnog Brittlenose. Once the gobbo villages have been set aflame and the peaks are secured, the forces of Order can turn their attention to the two structures on the valley floor, known to the Greenskin as the Bloody Sun Basin – the Bloody Sun Fort near the entrance gates, and the Blood Pit arena. The Bloody Sun Fort is the seat of the Bloody Sun Boyz warboss, Skargaz Gutrippa – the second in command under Grumlok and Gazbag. South in the valley lay the Blood Pit – and arena where Choppas go to test their skills. The champion of the Blood Pit is the Choppa Borgut Facebeater – a terrifying sight of blood and twisted metal.

Along under the northern peaks of Karak Eight Peaks are two massive temples to the Greenskin gods of Gork and Mork. In what was once the Hall of Grungi, the goblin shamans have taken residence and set up the Temple of Gork. The mysterious Kazgi leads the shaman, and armed with his  Skullwand of Kaloth he is in a position to cause great suffering for the dwarves and their allies. To the east in what was once the Temple of Valaya, Wurrzag has settled in with his orc shamans in the Temple of Mork. These two magical forces use the powers of the Little and Big Waaaagh! respectively, and must be defeated if there is any hope of cleansing the underground labyrinth of Karak Eight Peaks of the dark magic of the Greenskin.

The remaining dark corners under the grand peaks house the rest of the Greenskin host. South of the Temple of Gork lay the Hall of the Moon where the Night Goblins brew their noxious fungal brew. Here Skarsnik of the Crooked Moon tribe, those who first overwhelmed the defenses of Karak Eight Peaks, reigns with this unpredictable fanatics. South of the Temple of Mork and running directly under the valley floor are the ancient rails of the dwarven underway, now turned into beast pens. The squig herders herd all manners of beasts into pens training them for battle against their enemies – primarily the dwarves. Of the most prized pets are the squigs – destroy enough squig nurseries to bring forth Vargit Slimefoot and reduce him to the spore he spawned from. Lastly in the furthest dark reaches in the south-west lay a massive hall whose walls are covered in black tar, which is populated by the black-skinned orcs. This is the Hall of Da Biggest, Da Bestest, Da Toughest, and here you will have to face Da Biggest Black Orc, Karva Bloodclaw; Da Toughest Black Orc, Gorfang Rotgut; and da Bestest Black Orc, Grimgor Ironhide.

The final fight lay in the south-east corner of Karak Eight Peaks in the grand Warbosses Hall. Here Gazbag and Grumlok claim their throne and reign supreme over all of Karak Eight Peaks, only by defeating them can the impetus behind the Bloody Sun Boyz be put to a halt.

Join the Oathbearers in the assault on Karak Eight Peaks and help settle the greatest grudge Karak Ankor has ever known!

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  1. Thehealeroftru
    June 24, 2014 at 12:56 AM

    Man,I miss the hell out of Warhammer.


    I still come back an read blog posts sometimes. Kind of sad, right?

  2. June 25, 2014 at 1:40 AM

    Nothing like a bit of nostalgia to keep us coming back eh? Maybe this summer I’ll post some of my un-finished business.

  3. Thehealeroftru
    June 29, 2014 at 10:44 AM

    Yeah. I was thinking of mailing Mythic and seeing if they by any chance had an offline version I could play for just questing but it turns out Mythic doesn’t even exist anymore.

    Sad as hell. How have you been eka?

  4. June 30, 2014 at 8:28 AM

    Yeah I always thought it was a bummer you couldn’t play the game offline. But there is this project someone’s working on http://www.warhammer-server.com/ maybe you can try that to see how its going. I unfortunately don’t have a computer than can handle games right now. Other than that been doing well, constantly pondering if I should bother posting those ‘work in progress’ posts that I shelved once Mythic failed on us.

    • Thehealeroftru
      July 1, 2014 at 5:57 PM

      That project has been being worked on since they announced WAR was going down. I hope they finish it but my expectations aren’t high.

  5. Arch
    June 30, 2014 at 3:06 PM

    The works in progress may become a reality – I hear that lazy artist Eka had been using was finally coming out of hibernation 🙂

  6. July 1, 2014 at 9:36 AM

    What wonderful news! Art has always proved to be the motivation needed for a new post =P

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