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License to Pillage Guide

LtP LE PageNorse Templev1.9.1a consists of the License to Pillage live event. An early spring thaw has lead to earlier-than-anticipated raids by the Norse. Typically absent the massive threat from the forces of Destruction, the Empire’s navy would patrol the Sea of Claws and intercept the raiders whenever possible, but now in the Age of Reckoning the forces of Order are hard-pressed from all sides to hold off the enemy. The forces of Order are tasked with repulsing the northern raiders from the shores of Nordland. Join the forces of Order in the fight for the shores of the Empire!


  • Participate in the Stormstaad scenario 20 times. It is often claimed that the best defense is a solid offense. Believing that the Norse are somehow in league with the forces of Destruction, the forces of Order have launched a strike at the fishing village of Stormstaad, only recently recovered from the past onslaught caused in the name of Khorne.
  • Participate in the Nordenwatch scenario 20 times. Nordenwatch serves as the first line of defense against Norscan raiders, and as such it has often been the site of bloody battles as the men and women of the Empire sell their lives dearly to preserve the lives of Nordlanders.
  • Participate in ‘The Norse are Coming!’ public quest 10 times. The western beach-fronts of Nordland have been the first to bear the brunt of the Norse assault. Join the front-line soldiers of the Empire in preventing the northern raiders from establishing a beachhead.
  • Item - Looted Gold CrateCollect 100 Looted Gold. The forces of Destruction have taken advantage of the Empire’s vulnerability and sacked recent gold shipments bound for New Emskrank. Kill enemy players and reclaim the stolen gold which is sorely needed to fund the war effort.
  • Secure New Emskrank. A vicious battle has erupted around New Emskrank as the forces of Order and Destruction collide in light of recent Norse invasions along the coastline of the Sea of Claws. Secure Festenplatz, the Harvest Shrine, and the Nordland IX against the dual assault by the Norse and the Raven Host.
  • Slay 100 Destruction players in the defense of Nordland. The only way to stop the tide is to kill them all, whether it be around New Emskrank, or in the defense of Salzenmund, or in the dark Hangman’s Wood.


  • Participate in the Stormstaad scenario 20 times. Stormstaad was never a village much in line with the Raven Host and the goals of the forces of Destruction, but the recent assault led by the Order of the Griffon threatens to allow the forces of Order to establish a foothold on the coast of Norsca. The village must be held to keep Order on the defensive.
  • Participate in the Nordenwatch scenario 20 times. Nordenwatch, the shield of Nordland. The Norse incursion can only prove to work in the favor of the Raven Host. Assault this strategic island to distract the forces of Order, preventing them from confronting the Norse threat.
  • Participate in the  ‘Suderholm’ public quest 10 times. Tchar’zanek offered the people’s of Suderholm greatness, and they snubbed him seeking to preserve their way of life, they had no idea that change is inevitable. Aid the Raven Host in punishing the weak Northmen of Suderholm.
  • Item - Soldier's PayCollect 100 Soldier’s Pay. The pockets of the soldiers of the Empire are weighed down by their recent pay, gold which could be used to further the inevitable triumph of the Raven Host. Kill enemy Order players and collect their Soldier’s Pay to aid the struggle of the forces of Destruction.
  • Secure New Emskrank. Recent Norse invasions along the coastline of the Sea of Claws have left the defenders of the Empire vulnerable. Secure Festenplatz, the Harvest Shrine, and the Nordland IX, taking them from the Forces of Order and cutting off the Empire from the sea.
  • Slay 100 Order players in the assault on Nordland. If the Empire cannot accept change, they it must be pushed aside. Kill Order players everywhere you can, whether it be in the assault on New Emskrank, or in their foolish attempt to  purify Gotland, or in the cursed Gotland Forest.


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