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The Norse Are Coming! ~ Clans

scalesFor years the great war in the Age of Reckoning has been waged as the forces of Destruction tirelessly crash upon the defenders of Order. Driven by greed, the Norse warriors found themselves caught between the two factions as they fought for their ideologies. Much as the tides ebb and flow, the Norse support sways from faction to faction leaning towards the larger purse. So long as there are warriors to fight, the struggle between the forces of Order and Destruction wages on. The Norse have joined the struggle, but their loyalties are ever fluctuating…

v1.9.1b introduces the Sons of the Maelstrom, a faction of the western Norse clans who live free from the eternal grip of Chaos. While the Sons of the Maelstrom are a faction bound by blood and a warrior code, their prestige is measured by the heaps of treasure that line their halls and trophies that adorn the walls of every clans central hall.

In the Age of Reckoning the Norse are organized into clans which take the place of guilds. Once a clan has been formed it can let its price be known to the forces of Order and Destruction – loyalty bought by the highest bidder. However, the ratio of gold paid towards hiring a clan and the amount the auction-house takes in royalties is dependent on the amount of stars the capital city of each faction has – the more stable a city is and the higher its rank, the more royalties the auction-house will take and the more expensive it is to hire a clan to ones side.

Clans may opt to swear fealty to a faction for a given period of time, with larger periods of time requiring a larger starting bid and minimum bid price. Once a contract has ended the clan must undergo a grace-period of five days during which it cannot fight for that same faction. During this period the clan can be neutral or open a short term contract with the other faction.

Clans have the option of not fighting for either faction and remaining neutral, in which case they do not benefit from renown points for zone captures, but have an increased renown  base for player kills and for capturing objectives. Neutral clans may enter contested cities at their own peril, as they face the onslaught of both factions who seek to punish those who feed on carrion. Also while neutral, Norse warriors may enjoy access to both portions of the PvE area and benefit from quests from both sides.

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