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Huscarl ~ Norse Tank

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HUSCARL“Not a whisper lads! In the fog all you’ve got to alert you are your ears – listen for the quiet splash of a hundred oars cutting through the water. When the prow breaks through the fog and slams into the sand you steady your arm and wait until you see the big brute with a shield – that’s the raider’s leader. You take him out and the rest are a savage horde. Huscarls they’re called, princes unto their own, they’re what bind the savage Norse tribes together. Aim true and take him down lads!” ~ Germund Osfrid, Sergeant of the Nordland Guard


Archetype – Tank

Armor – Heavy

Weapon – Sword and Shield; Greatsword

Mechanic – Norscan War Cries

  • You charge forth into battle yelling with all your might to rally your allies. You issue forth War Cries strengthening your allies. You may have two War Cries active at any time.

Mastery Trees

  • Drake – You channel the power of the dreaded frost drakes of Norsca going on the offensive
  • Jotun – You channel the power of the mighty jotun bracing for the heaviest of blows
  • Kraken – You channel the power of the monstrous kraken, thriving in the wildest of tempests

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