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Whaler ~ Norse RDPS

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whaler“Those eyes, those eyes that see through the fog. Not one pair, but two. Few would dare the tempest of the frigid northern waters, and even fewer would dare the creatures which reign in those waters – waters so black that surely Chaos courses with the currents. To some they are brave, to others they are fools, but the Whalers of Norsca are among the bravest fools that sailed the Kraken Sea. Whether need or greed caused them to set forth into the churning waters, neither storm nor beast swallowed them whole. Back they came, and back they’ll go again.” – Aesgard Pergrin, Sjoktraken Scholar


Archetype – Range DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Harpoon & Skinning Dagger

Mechanic – Norscan Wolf

  • Whalers are among the few Norscan warriors bold enough to venture into the dark seas of the north, though their travels are made easier with the company of their powerful Norscan Wolves – always by the Whalers side ready to assist in the kill. Whalers can summon their Norscan Wolf to their side and switch between stances to better shape the synergy between man and beast.

Mastery Trees

  • Harpooner – A focus on long range attacks with a defensive pet
  • Hauler – A focus on medium range attacks with a mixed-utility pet
  • Spearer – A focus on melee attacks with an offensive pet.

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Vitki ~ Norse Healer

May 7, 2015 Leave a comment

NORSE_SHAMMY03“Which is the stronger of the two – the raven’s feather or the autumn leaf? Neither, the wind takes both away and does as it wishes with them. The feather snaps, the leaf is crushed. Together they become dust and the wind does as it wills. The wind can give power to the sails or tear them to shreds. Heed the wind, the strong mind does not try to tame the winds or give into them, but bend with them.” ~ Osgrid Greyblown, Vitki Sage of the Frostheim


Archetype – Healer

Armor – Light

Weapon – Stave, Ritual Dagger

Mechanic – Shifting Winds

  • You stand abreast the Norscan mountains as the winds of Chaos swirl south. In a skilled show of balance you do not let the powers of Chaos overcome you, yet channel the winds to power your insights. Do you resist the powers of Chaos and channel the winds for the good of your allies, or do you succumb to darkness and use the winds of Chaos to unleash destruction?

Mastery Trees

  • Ancestors – A focus on breathing life into the world
  • Dark Gods – A focus on being an instrument of death.
  • Heroes – A balance between the winds to either help or harm.

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