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Berserker ~ Norse MDPS

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Berserker“Tall, strong, and deadly warriors. Though they have not accepted the gifts of Tzeentch, they compare in prowess to their eastern kin, the marauders of Chaos. If Tzeentch were to ever shift his winds but a little to the west and overcome western Norsca then the legions of the Raven God would be augmented greatly. Their only fault is their propensity to succumb to a state of rage; it has been noted to make them deadlier, though less concerned for their own well-being. Perhaps with the right touch of Chaos their minds could be molded to control this… madness.”
~ Excerpt from the Librum Chaotica


Archetype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Dual-wield Axes

Mechanic – Norse Temperament

  • Tasting the victory of many battles, your spirit is riled by the thought of bloodshed. As you engage in combat your Norse Temperament builds, from a base value of 0 to a maximum value of 100. Your strength and chance to critically hit will be higher as your Norse Temperament increases, but your toughness and initiative will decrease.

Mastery Trees

  • War – You focus on taking on your enemy one on one.
  • Decay – You focus on slowly weakening your enemy or doing damage to several targets
  • Prowess – You channel your Norse Temperament for powerful attacks.

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