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Winter Harvest Guide

v1.9.2a consists of the Winter Harvest live event. The strain of war has left Kislev unable to patrol High Pass with any reasonable degree of security. This coupled with a harsh winter has led to the pass being abandoned to the creatures who roam its rocky crags. The Raven Host has been using High Pass to funnel troops south from the Chaos Wastes into the lands of Kislev and the Empire, but the increase of large hungry creatures has made High Pass unsafe for all. With a particularly harsh winter setting in, it is up to you and your allies to drive back the hungry enemy and stock up your larders for what is to come.


  • Participate in the Talabec Dam scenario 10 times. The Destruction supply lines going through High Pass have met grisly ends, but the Raven Host is no stranger to pillaging. Talabecland will have to open its silos to the Raven Host or face a fiery end.
  • Participate in the High Pass Cemetery scenario 10 times. Raven Host scouts have found your caravans in High Pass decimated, with the escorts eaten to the bone. Could this be the foul work of those skull-worshipping priests of the Empire? Desecrate their cemetery as revenge.
  • Participate in the Guts Out public quest 5 times. There are those in this unforsaken pass who seem to feast while others enjoy famine. How is it that they maintain such fat bellies while others starve? Slay them and steal their food stores!
  • Participate in the Beacon of Firengrom public quest 5 times. A savage call echoes through the pass and a single light burns bright, fueled by fat if your nose does not betray you. Sheltered from the west, this beacon can only serve to guide a force coming from the east, put it out and find who has been raiding your caravans!
  • Collect 50 Beast Flesh. A harsh winter is upon us, the only chance for survival is to comb the countryside for the beasts of the wilderness and slay them for their flesh. Kill 50 beasts found in the wilderness. Four legs good, two legs bad.
  • Kill 20 Yhetees in High Pass. Surely the destroyed caravans are the work of the local yhetees who live in the high mountains and attack from above crushing their victims with boulders and eating whatever moves. Kill them as an act of revenge.
  • Deliver supplies to your keep in High Pass or Talabecland 5 times. If the Raven Host is to have any chance to weather the coming storm, it must pillage the countryside and bring all the supplies behind fortified walls. Join the Raven Host in collecting supplies to strengthen your position in this unwelcome land.


  • Participate in the Talabec Dam scenario 10 times. With such a harsh winter settling in, Kislev needs the steady supply of grain from the Empire more than ever. The forces of Destruction seek to destroy the Talabec Dam and flood the villages and fields downstream. Tens of thousands of hungry Kislevites depend on this dam not falling!
  • Participate in the High Pass Cemetery scenario 10 times. With so many dead among the carvans in High Pass, the rites of Morr are needed more now than ever. The priests of Morr have taken upon the grim duty of making sure that the fallen members of the Order of the Griffon and their allies find peace in these unforgiving lands. Help them secure the cemetery from those who would seek to desecrate the dead.
  • Participate in the Witch Fire Glade public quest 5 times. Caravans of grain being shipped through Talabecland have come under increased attack – and from the locals of all people! There must be a darker force stirring these simple hearts to these malicious deeds. Stop this fire of rebellion and heresy from spreading.
  • Participate in the Unterbaum Castle 5 times. The Upper Talabec is a land rich in soil which feeds much of the Empire with its hardy late-autumn grains. Guarding this valley is the house of Unterbaum, that is until recently when the castle’s lights went out and the night marked the arrival of piercing shrieks unheard of before. Investigate what is going on in the castle and why it’s castellan is not guarding his citizens in the valley below.
  • Collect 50 Choice Cuts. The astromancers have read the signs, signs that portend a harsh winter. Wheat will quiet the grumbling stomach but there is no substitute for a fine cut of meat to bring warmth to the heart. Scour the countryside for wild beasts to raise the stockpiles for the coming chill.
  • Kill 20 Gorgers in High Pass. The savagery of the assaults upon the Kislevite caravans in High Pass has led the commanders to believe that the monstrous gorgers lurking in the mountains are behind these attacks. No one knows if they are men who have succumbed to the winds of chaos, or if they are some chaotic spawn that only loosely resembles something human, but they are a menace that should be put out of its misery. Travel to the mountains and slay them in their dens.
  • Deliver supplies to your keep in High Pass or Talabecland 5 times. The Order of the Griffon must do all that it can to weather the coming storm, and you must help them. Brave the battlefield and deliver gathered supplies behind the safety of your walls.
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