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The Price of Loyalty Guide

v1.9.3a consists of the Price of Loyalty live event. Some merchants are devastated by war and its effects on trade, others revel in it. Where one door closes, another opens. With Kislev aflame and the Empire in turmoil, other markets have to be found for the goods of the Empire. The lands south of the Empire have always been somewhat shunned by traders due to the difficulty of traversing the Black Mountains, and the perils beyond in the Borderlands and Badlands. The lone remaining dwarfen hold in the south, Karak Azul, is hard pressed and the merchants of the Empire know that there is good coin to be had if they can deliver any supplies to the beleaguered hold. Such a merchant has approached you and offered you great reward if you can escort his caravan through Black Fire Pass to a mining settlement of Karak Azul at the edge of the Badlands. Will you succeed in braving the treacherous lands, or will your caravans draw the attention of less reputable forces?


  • Participate in the Black Fire Basin Scenario 10 times. The forces of Destruction are pushing into Black Fire Pass threatening your mission. If your caravan is to make it, you’ll have to repel the invaders!
  • Participate in the Doomfist Crater Scenario 10 times. The fastest way for your caravan to reach the outskirts of Karak Azgal is through the greenskin-infested Badlands. Hack a path clear ahead of the caravan.
  • In a party of 4-6 adventurers, slay 100 enemies in Black Fire Pass or the Badlands. While your employer hired you to escort the caravan south through Black Fire Pass and the Badlands, your soldierly duty compels you to slay enemies of Order where ever you may find them. Work together with your party to kill your enemies, just remember that you’re not getting paid to die!
  • Participate in the Revoltin’ Gobbos public quest 5 times. The Badlands are full of various quarreling groups of greenskin tribes, and the Moonfang tribe seems to be looking to pick a quarrel with whoever it can. The clever goblins can prove to be troublesome for your caravan, so it is best they be dealt with quickly.
  • Participate in the Grimbeard Station public quest 5 times. The supplies that flow into Black Fire Pass, and then further onward, travel through Grimbeard Station which has recently found itself under siege by the greenskins. Relieve the defenders of Grimbeard Station and make sure that the supplies keep flowing, for as long as they flow so too will the coins to fund your endeavor.
  • Escort one caravan from the gates of Black Fire Pass to Karagaz in the Badlands. You have been charged with leading your party of adventurers to escort a caravan from the edge of the Empire through the Borderlands and Badlands to a mining outpost of Karak Azgal – Karagaz. The journey will be long and arduous, with foes at every corner to threaten you. Only until you have delivered the cargo will you be paid in full for your efforts. Start your journey at the north-western gate of Black Fire Pass by using your Caravan Shipment to initiate your journey.
  • /slit every career. The lands south of Black Fire Pass are known for one thing, and that is for insecurity. In the Borderlands and beyond there is no shortage of beings, man and otherwise, that will slit your throat – perhaps for a coin, or perhaps because they want to eat you. Scare away all those who would have a stab at you with a gesture of your own!


  • Participate in the Black Fire Basin Scenario 10 times. Your boss wants you to take the crates of captured stunty boomsticks north into Black Fire Pass to blow up a big hole in the stunty gate. You think you found a mountain pass to avoid the main route but it is guarded by the forces of Order. Fight to secure the pass so that you can open another route to assault Black Fire Pass.
  • Participate in the Doomfist Crater Scenario 10 times. Those crazy stunties seem to think they can wander into the greenskin homeland and get out unscathed. Teach them and their foolish allies a costly lesson – that to enter the Badlands is a grave mistake. They don’t call it Doomfist Crater for nothing.
  • In a party of 4-6 adventurers, slay 100 enemies in Black Fire Pass or the Badlands. Some human trader has offered you good coin to transport some stunty boxes from the Badlands to Black Fire Pass, but there seem to be a lot of Orderlings blocking your way. Along with your other adventurers in your party, kill the forces of Order like you always do, but this time get paid for it!
  • Participate in the Revoltin’ Gobbos public quest 5 times. Those stinkin’ Moonfang gobbos are causin’ trouble at the worst time possible, or is it the best time possible? Gork only knows… or Mork. Your caravan is supposed to pass through their territory and they seem keen to attack you, so put them in their place.
  • Participate in the Grimbeard Station public quest 5 times. Those stunties and their loud metal steam-boxes are giving the warbosses a headache. Normally that would be enough reason to let the lads have a good bashin’, but now in particular Grimbeard Station is supplying the defenders of Black Fire Pass with vital supplies of black-powder. Storm the station and make sure those metal steam-boxes stop makin’ all that noise.
  • Escort one caravan from Karagaz in the Badlands to the gates of Black Fire Pass. Some shady looking humie offered good coin to any party willing to take a caravan of stunty boomsticks to the big gate up in Black Fire Pass. The only problem is that you have to escort the caravan through the treacherous Badlands where those savage orcs will turn on anyone that looks tasty, and then through the Borderlands where the humies kill whatever moves that isn’t one of theirs. Start your journeye in Karagaz and escort the caravan up into Black Fire Pass to blow the gate into the Empire open.
  • /slit every career. There’s no stink like a stinkin’ maggot that will stab you in the back, and the Badlands isn’t lacking in those. The Borderlands are also full of the detritus of the human empires – scoundrels who whose only motivation is gold. Show them that you’re not afraid of a good fight!
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