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Akrites ~ Border Prince RDPS

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“While Hochland may be known for its long rifle, a true marksman knows the way of the bow. Any man, or even a boy, can fire a rifle with a day’s worth of training, but it takes years to master the bow. When my son was convicted of poaching, the elector count would hear nothing of his skill with the bow and chance at redemption in the name of the Emperor, so my son fled. The Borderlands offers men facing death another chance at life. I heard he joined the elite company of bowmen known as the Akritai, a band of men patrolling the most treacherous frontiers and forest facing the darkest of foes including beastmen and strigoi. I pray that Taal bless him and his companions, and give them courage to face the darkness before them.” – Erich Kaitel, Hochland Huntsmaster


Archetype – Range DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Bow and Javelins

Mechanic – Frontier Watch

  • The only way to survive on the fringes of the Borderlands is to have an ever-alert eye, capable of noticing the slightest movement on the horizon and felling it as if your life depends on it – for it may be your dinner, or what intended to have you for dinner. In the Borderlands there is no in-between. Your keen gaze tracks every movement making it harder for them to elude you. You mark your targets and every second you accrue an additional point applying to this mark, for a maximum of 30 points. You may only have one mark active at a time.

Mastery Trees

  • Varenka Hills – A focus on bringing down heavily armored targets, with an emphasis on your javelins.
  • Mad Dog Pass – A focus on mobility and anti-melee attacks with a mix of bow and javelin attacks.
  • Howling River – A focus on anti-range attacks with an emphasis on your bowman-ship.
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