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Hikanatos ~ Border Prince MDPS

“I’ve made a strange observation recently. Ogres typically fight with greater vigor when they hunger, which is often the case, and their appetite is whetted by the sight of flesh and smell of blood. That upstart Brazen Cat, or whatever they call him, has in his employ a company of soldiers who pose a problem for my ogre mercenaries. I pay them to fight but they seem unenthused by the prospect of fighting these so called Hikanatoi. With almost not a shred of flesh visible the ogres seem tend to ignore them and go for more meaty targets, which has put my battle plans in jeopardy on more than one occasion. Who are these renegades to cover themselves from head to toe in chainmail and appear specter-like on the battlefield?”
~ Garlan Lemarc , Questing Knight and ‘Prince’ of Philany


Archetype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Dual-Wield Axe & Mace

Mechanic – Able Defender

  • The years of war have taught you the skills you need to live and survive that you may fight another day. There is no other way to make it in the Borderlands for these are not lands where chivalry and honor have any value on the battlefield. You have a pool of 100 Able Defender (AD) points which you can use for certain abilities to help you survive to see another day. This pool will replenish at a rate of 1/second while in combat, or 10/second while out of combat.

Mastery Trees

  • Kharnos – A focus on dealing direct damage and quickly subduing your foes.
  • Hvargir – A focus on fighting drawing out the fight and bleeding your opponents dry.
  • Gloom – A focus on increasing your chances of surviving the fight.

R1. Dagger Toss <Core Ability> A basic throwing attack that inflicts ‘x’ damage. 20AP, 1s Cast, No CD, 65ft Range

R1. Barusideros Fist <Kharnos> A heavy weight flows from your hand down to your weapon as you hit your target for ‘x’ damage. 30AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R1. Gather Resolve <Core Ability> You focus on surviving the fight ahead. You convert 25 action points to 25 Able Defender points per second while this ability is being used. 4s Cast, 20s CD

R2. Studded Impact <Hvargir> The protrusions on your mace leave your opponent’s flesh pierced in multiple locations, causing your target to suffer ‘x’ damage every second for 6 seconds. 30AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R3. Gloom Walker <Gloom> One does not traverse the Forest of Gloom and leave whole without a thick skin. You gather our resolve and increase your toughness by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. 15AD, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R4. Toe Crusher <Kharnos> You slam your mace down upon your enemy’s foot, dealing ‘x’ damage and reducing their movement speed by 40% for 10 seconds. 35AP Cost, Instant Cast, 5s CD

R5. Kauterion’s Mark <Hvargir> The edges of your weapons burn with a fiery heat as you attack your target dealing ‘x’ damage and causing their scarred flesh to tear for ‘x’ damage every second they use a melee ability for the next 10 seconds. 35AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R6. Shroud of Gloom <Gloom> You wrap yourself in a cloak that helps you blend into the scenery as to avoid detection. For the next 10 seconds you take 25% less damage from attacks over 25 feet. 20AD, Instant Cast, 20s CD

R7. Eremia’s Hold <Hvargir> Few are able to survive the wild forests of the Borderlands for long, for either their body or their mind will falter sooner or later. The fear of the wilderness flows through your weapons as you hit your target for ‘x’ and lower their resistances by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. 40AP, Instant Cast, 5s CD

R8. Sever Nerve <Archetype Morale 1> A directed strike which deals 1200 damage to your target.

R8. Backscratcher <Kharnos> There is no honor in the wilderness, only cunning survival. You move into an opportune position and bring your weapons down upon your opponent’s weakly armored back dealing ‘x’ damage and ignoring 50% of their armor. Target must be facing away from you. 35AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R9. Flail About <Gloom> You knock your opponent’s weapon out of their hands leaving them to fend for themselves with their hands. You deal ‘x’ damage to your target and disarm them for 3 seconds. 20AD, Instant Cast, 20s CD

R10. Charge <Core Ability> You charge into the thick of battle, increasing your movement speed by 50% for 7 seconds. If you use any abilities this effect will immediately end. No Cost, Instant Cast, 30s CD

R10. Alone in the Woods <Core Ability> Detaunts all enemies within 30 feet, making them to hate you less and causing them to deal 50% less damage to you for 15 seconds. If you attack anyone you have detaunted, the effect will immediately end. 20AP, Instant Cast, 15s CD

R11. Martial Training <Racial Tactic> Your weapon skill is increased by ‘x’.

R12. Force of Will <Archetype Morale 2> You stare down your opponent draining 200 of their Action Points into yourself, and reducing their strength by 160 for 30 seconds.

R12. Primal Survival <Core Ability> You increase your groups auto-attack speed by 100% for 8 seconds. 40AP, Instant Cast, 30s CD

R13. Jagged Edge <Archetype Tactic> Any time you critically hit an enemy they will begin to bleed, suffering additional 609 corporeal damage over 9 seconds.

R14. Saevissima <Hvargir> You coat your blade with a particular nectar that draws a vicious breed of fire ants, and attack your target causing them to suffer ‘x’ elemental damage over 8 seconds. 40AP, Instant Cast, 5s CD

R15. Live Off The Land <Tactic> When you deal a killing-blow you regain ‘x’ hit points.

R16. Confusing Movements <Archetype Morale 1> Concentrating on your perceived movements, you will be able to Dodge and Parry all attacks against you for 10 seconds.

R16. Iron Flurry <Gloom> Your energy bursts forth as you rapidly move your arms in an intricate pattern known to you but confusing to your enemies. While channeling this ability your chance to parry is increased by 50% and if you parry an attack you deal ‘x’ damage back to your opponent as their arms are caught in the flurry of your weapons. 15AD/s, 6s Cast, No CD

R17. A Tough People In A Tough Land <Racial Tactic> Your corporeal resistance is increased by 252.

R18. Flight for Survival <Core Ability> Determination has kept you pushing through worse fights, only your mind can hold you back. You free yourself of any roots and snares which may be holding you back. For the next 10 seconds, snares and roots will have no effect on you. 45AP, Instant Cast, 60s CD

R19. Brute Force <Archetype Tactic> Increases your Strength by 160

R20. Relentless Assault <Archetype Morale 2> A prolonged fervor that grants 10 Action Points to everyone in your group within 100 feet for 10 seconds.

R20. Kharnos’ Kropion <Kharnos> You swing your weapons in front of you, leaving the air smelling with iron, be it your weapons or the arc of blood that followed them. You deal ‘x’ damage to up to 6 enemies 25 feet in front of you. 35AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R21. Heavy Is The Hand <Tactic> Barusidros Fist will decrease your target’s strength and willpower by ‘x’ for 6 seconds.

R23. Scion of War <Racial Tactic> Your auto-attacks are un-defendable and deal 100% more damage.

R24. Broad Swings <Archetype Morale 3> All of your attacks for the next 10 seconds will strike up to 2 additional enemies within 25 feet in front of you.

R25. Flanking <Archetype Tactic> All of your attacks deal 15% more damage when you strike an enemy from the sides or rear.

R25. Restless Shadows <Hvargir> As the the light dances between the branches in the forest causing the mind to play tricks on itself, so too do your weapons dance around you bringing suffering to all around you. You cause all enemies within 30 feet of you to suffer ‘x’ damage over 7 seconds. 40AP, Instant Cast, 3s CD

R27. Through The Thicket To The Fray <Tactic> Abilities which reduce your movement speed are 50% shorter when used against you.

R28. Able Offense <Hikanatos Morale 1> Who needs survival when the fight is now! You convert all your Able Defender points to Action Points.

R29. Riposte <Archetype Tactic> Each time you parry an enemy’s attack, you will strike them back for 274 damage which they can not prevent.

R30. Become the Beast <Kharnos> Perhaps you have been in the woods too long and are becoming that which you fight. You unleash a bestial burst of energy as you deal ‘x’ damage to your target. 45AP, Instant Cast, 5s CD

R31. Ranging Party <Tactic> Whenever you critically hit, your group’s chance to critically hit is increased by 10% for 10 seconds.

R32. Siderorabdia <Hikanatos Morale 2> You deal 1.2k damage to your target and reduce their toughness by ‘x’ for 8 seconds.

R33. Fate Forestalled <Tactic> If you are critically hit, your initiative is increased by ‘x’ for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 3 times.

R35. Frontier Healing <Core Ability> You know your way around natural remedies. You remove one ailment from yourself. 10AD, Instant Cast, 3s CD

R35. Wide Clearance <Tactic> Kharnos’ Kropion will now hit up to 9 targets up to 30 feet away.

R36. Listen You Fools! <Hikanatos Morale 3> You deal 1.2k damage to all enemies within 30 feet and silence them for 4 seconds.

R37. What Ails You? <Tactic> Frontier Healing will cleanse up to 2 ailments but its cost is increased to 15AD and cool-down to 5 seconds.

R39. Seasoned Hand <Tactic> Your chance to parry attacks is increased by 1% per 10 Able Defender points.

R40. Frenzied Slaughter <Archetype Morale 4> All of your abilities will cost 25% fewer action points, cool down 50% faster, and deal 20% more damage for 7 seconds.

R40. Strategic Withdrawal <Gloom> You snare all targets within 25 feet of you and knock yourself back a short distance. 25AD, Instant Cast, 45s CD

Mastery Trees


R3. What Tail Bone? <Tactic> Backscratcher will ignore up to 75% of your target’s armor, but its cooldown is increased to 3 seconds.

R5. Overcoming Odds – You attack with increased vigor, dealing ‘x’ damage to your target and increasing your strength by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. 35AP, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R7. It’s the Red Meat <Tactic> Become the Beast will increase your chance to critically hit with melee attacks by 1% for every 10 Able Defender points you have.

R9. Chain Breaker – With a slice from your axe and a crushing blow from your mace, you deal ‘x’ damage to your target and decrease their armor by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. 45AP, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R11. Slashing & Blunt Damage! <Tactic> Chain Breaker is 10% more effective and last 15 seconds, but its cost is increased to 55 action points.

R13. Shock Strike – Your enemy had no way to expect the attack you had coming. In an undefendable attack you deal ‘x’ damage to your target. 50AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R15. Shadow of the Vaults <Morale 4> You deal 1.8k damage to your target, and if they die from this damage, they cannot be resurrected for 7 seconds.


R3. Strangling Hold <Tactic> Eremia’s Hold will deal ‘x’ elemental damage per second and deal an additional ‘x’ elemental damage upon ending after 10 seconds.

R5. Shadow of Life – You deal a deadly wound of ‘x’ damage to your target which causes healing abilities used on them for the next 10 seconds to be 50% less effective. 40AP, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R7. Taint of Strygos <Tactic> Restless Shadows will now deal spirit damage and can stack up to two times.

R9. Depth of the Wood – The deepest places of the woods of the Borderlands cause fear among all. You deal ‘x’ damage to your target and cause them to lose ‘x’ morale points. 35AP, Instant Cast, 3s CD

R11. Courage in Darkness <Tactic> The morale lost by your target from Depth of the Wood is transferred to you.

R13. Lost & Alone – Despite being surrounded by a metaphorical forest of life, you fill your target with an intense sense of isolation and dread. You deal ‘x’ damage to your target and hex them so that for the next 6 seconds guard is 25% less effective on them. 45AP, Instant Cast, 20s CD

R15. Fractured Unity <Morale 4> All enemies within 30 feet take 1.5k damage and will receive 10% more damage for the next 7 seconds.


R3. Soft Step, Heavy Hand <Tactic> Gloom Walker costs 5AD more but lasts 20 seconds longer.

R5. Always Facing Death – You have grown use to the dangers that are all around you, to the point where death is always before you. For the next 10 seconds you are immune to attacks which ignore your armor when attacked from behind. 25AD, Instant Cast, 30s CD

R7. Ray of Dancing Light <Tactic> Shroud of Gloom will also increase your chance to dodge and disrupt attacks by 10%.

R9. Flanged Blow – Sometimes you must go on the offensive to be defensive. You unleash the weight of your mace as you deal ‘x’ damage and knock down your target for 3 seconds. 30AD, Instant Cast, 30s CD

R11. Able & Willing <Tactic> Your Able Defender pool is increased to 150 points, and your recovery rate is increased to 3/second while in combat and 25/second while out of combat.

R13. Able-Bodied Advance – Your chance to be critically hit is 20% lower for the next 7 seconds. 30AD, Instant Cast, 20s CD

R15. The Wayfinder <Morale 4> Your groups movement speed is increased by 15% for 7 seconds, and you regain 100 Able Defender points.

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