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Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning

I wanted to briefly write about Warhammer Online : Return of Reckoning (ROR) because some of my viewers may not know that this private server of the Warhammer Online MMO exists. For those of you wishing to re-live the Warhammer Online experience I urge you to give RoR a try. The community consists of passionate PvP gamers, and Warhammer lore enthusiasts. If you have never heard of Warhammer Online and simply stumbled upon my blog searching for different material to supplement your lore, then perhaps the MMO experience is something that may work for you. Warhammer Online is an MMO set in the Warhammer fantasy universe (albeit an alternate timeline) where the forces of Order (the Empire, the Dwarfs, and the High Elves) fight in a desperate struggle to keep the forces of Destruction (the warriors of Chaos of the Tzeentchian flavor, the Greenskins, and the Dark Elves) at bay. While the game is most known for its PvP system known as Realm versus Realm (RvR), which pits hundreds of players in an endless struggle over keeps and fortresses as they seek to invade the other faction’s capital city, there are also PvE elements to enjoy (besides the standard quests, there are public quests where you can work with allies to defeat a greater foe, lairs, and dungeons.) With 24 classes to choose from, and each class having three mastery paths, there are multiple ways to try and enjoy the game. If you want to see what the game is about before jumping in, there are usually a few streamers every day streaming RoR on Twitch – you can always jump in and ask the streamers questions if you have them!

What’s more, RoR is trying to develop upon the original game. In 2018 I was contacted by Max from RoR to join the team as a contributor by using the only talent I have – creativity. I am proud to be on the team and work to bring our community new content (or bring back old content from ‘Live’ which hasn’t been implemented yet.) The team consists of many volunteers from around the globe who give their time and passion to help the project grow. The game is, and always will be, free. We don’t want your money or donations-in-kind – we just want you to join our community and enjoy the world of Warhammer together!

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