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Return of Reckoning ~ Armor Sets

One of the projects I eagerly took up while on the RoR team was categorizing and reorganizing the armor sets for all the classes. My goal was to amend what I saw as a problem introduced by previous developers who gave out high-end armor appearances to mid-tier gear (because at the time the highest armor set that could be obtained was Conqueror), and to instead create a smoother visual progression of the armor sets as players obtained more powerful sets. Working together with Grunbag, we agreed upon a visual progression which we felt was appropriate. This was understandably met with some negativity from the community who found their favorite appearances, which were once on mid-tier gear, locked behind higher end (or even PvE) gear sets. My goal was not limited simply reorganizing the appearances so that sets labeled as ‘Tier 1’ were indeed on Tier 1 sets, but to also create a visual guide so that players knew where to find the appearances that appealed to their aesthetic.

Below you can find the links to the visual guides for the armor sets

Chaos – The Raven Host
Magus (Male) | Magus (Female)
Zealot (Male) | Zealot (Female)

The Empire – The Order of the Griffon
Knight of the Blazing Sun (Male) | Knight of the Blazing Sun (Female)
Witch Hunter (Male) | Witch Hunter (Female)
Bright Wizard (Male) | Bright Wizard (Female)
Warrior Priest (Male) | Warrior Priest (Female)

Greenskins – The Bloody Sun Boyz
Black Orc
Squig Herder

Dwarfs – The Oathbearers
Ironbreaker (Male) | Ironbreaker (Female)
Engineer (Male) | Engineer (Female)
Runepriest (Male) | Runepriest (Female)

Dark Elves – House Uthorin
Black Guard (Male) | Black Guard (Female)
Witch Elf
Sorceress | Sorcerer
Disciple of Khaine (Male) | Disciple of Khaine (Female)

High Elves – The Shining Guard
Sword Master (Male) | Sword Master (Female)
White Lion (Male) | White Lion (Female)
Shadow Warrior (Male) | Shadow Warrior (Female)
Archmage (Male) | Archmage (Female)

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