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Return of Reckoning ~ Custom Capes

February 27, 2021 Leave a comment

Recently a new artist decided to give his time and skills to help increase the pool of assets for Return of Reckoning – new for RoR, but not new for Hypothetical War. For many years I have been grateful to ArchExecutor for his continued help giving my crazy ideas a depiction, but now the Warhammer Online community will also benefit from his talents. Return of Reckoning is a project that is built and grows based on volunteers, and we are always looking for more artistic talent! Due to our current limitations, we can work on retexturing existing texture files, or introducing static models. What we cannot do – which I know many of us long for – is introduce/retexture armor pieces. Hopefully one day we will get the tools for this, but as of now our ‘armor’ updates are limited to capes. Below you can find some of our custom capes that have already been released, with a few more in the pipeline!

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