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Greenskin Tribes ~ Broken Axes

March 30, 2021 Leave a comment

“Dey say dat ‘e wuz da biggest gobbo to eva walk dese lands. I saw ‘is gut and it wuzn’t dat big! Sure ‘e was a fatty dat had to be hauled about on a chariot, but ‘e’s gone and I’z still got time for my gut to grow! Wut did Grom da Paunch eva do for da greenskins?! ‘E lead his WAAAGH! into da sea and no un eva ‘eard from ‘im again! Dat’s no proper WAAAGH! Wut gud iz it to burn a path thru da Empire only to leave and let ’em rebuild? No brains in dat fat ‘ead of ‘is!”
~ Git Guzzler, Warboss of the Troll Beaters and rival of Grom the Paunch

From far in the south, the Broken Axes rose to great heights and great girths, or rather their warboss Grom the Paunch did. Perhaps one of the fattest goblins to ever walk the earth, Grom is also possibly the most successful goblin warboss to ever lead a WAAAGH! With his departure from the Old World, the Broken Axes no longer bear the weight they once did, but his legend keeps them inspired.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Necksnappers

March 27, 2021 Leave a comment

“Wut ain’t green we kill, it’z dat eazy. If da Dark Lands didn’t break us den nothin’ will. No hummies, stunties, or any beast’ll make da Necksnappas blink an eye. When da Necksnappas come, the last thing youse gonna hear is a snap.”
~ Morglum Necksnapper, Warboss of the Necksnappers

Born in the harsh lands east of the World’s Edge Mountains known as the Dark Lands, the Necksnappers are led by their taciturn warboss, Morglum Necksnapper. Morglum opts to use his hands to convey any message he has rather than boasting loudly as other orcs are prone to do. Given his skill at arms, Morglum has no need to speak, for the rumor of his might has spread far ahead of him.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Red Fangs

March 24, 2021 Leave a comment

“Hah! Stunties ain’t for fearin’! Wutcha runts worried about?! When you see a stunty, youse run right at ’em and grab ’em by the beard and pull hard! Once youse got a stunty beard in yer hand den Mor’ll protect you from all dere blows. Ratters you grab by da tail and spin round an’ round. I once smashed some ratter boss and ‘is red pets, coulda crushed ‘im into paste but some stinkin’ stunty got in my way. In da end I had my paste, just wuzn’t ratter. Red Fangs fear nothin’! No stunties and no ratters! Black Crag is ours until da sun eats da earth! I iz king ‘ere and da Red Fangs ain’t goin’ no where!”
~ Gorfang Rotgut, Warboss of the Red Fangs and ‘King’ of Black Crag

When the Broken Tooth tribe marched north with Gorbad Ironclaw, they left their home of Black Crag open for a new occupant. Gorfang Rotgut wasted no time cleaning out the remaining Broken Tooths and establishing Black Crag as the seat of his kingdom. The Red Fangs became the dominant tribe at the west end of Death Pass, and secured an uneasy alliance with the Crooked Moons of Karak Eight Peaks who held the east end of Death Pass. The peace between the two dominant tribes allowed for a more focused assault against Clan Mors in the City of Pillars, and the dwarfs who dared trod in the central World’s Edge Mountains.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Broken Tooth

March 21, 2021 Leave a comment

“Youse askin’ why da Broken Tooths still stick wif da Ironclaws? Dat question iz too big fer yer small noggin. I haz da best plan, trust me. Yea da Ironclaws were crushed by da hummies, but you ‘eard wut dey said ’bout Gorbad Ironclaw. ‘e wuz da nastiest git in dese parts. No I ain’t afraid o’ ‘im! I just knows dat it’z easier to lead when youse alive. I’z tougher dan Gorbad an’ can crush ‘im any day, but da Ironclaws need us and we needs dem. If we’z to take back Black Crag dat is ourz, den we’z gonna send da Ironclaws in first to soften up dem Red Fangs. Once da Red Fangs iz bled a little, den we go in for da kill! Hah! Told ya I’z got da bestest plans!”
~ Urk da Stuntystomper, Warlord of the Broken Tooth tribe

The Broken Tooth tribe was once on of the preeminent foes of the dwarfen kingdoms, given their reign over the fallen hold of Karak Drazh, or Black Crag. The reign of the Broken Tooths would be cut short and eclipsed by the rise of Gorbad Ironclaw who brutally defeated the Broken Tooth Warboss Crusher Zogoth and turned the Broken Tooths into subservient vassals. Unfortunately for the Broken Tooths, their glory rose and fell with Gorbad Ironclaw.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ The Ironclaws

March 18, 2021 Leave a comment

“From dis rock I see all da lands dat’ll belong to me ‘un day… From dis rock we’z gunna start our WAAAGH! and move norf into da greener lands! Da gits iz meant to go where it’z greener and not sit ‘ere in da Badlands sniffin’ dust and chewin’ dried up bones, and I’z gunna be da ‘un to lead em! Gorbad Ironclaw iz da Once ‘n Future Git, so sez I, cuz I’z da ‘un to take da gits into da green lands! ‘Ear me now gits, WAAAGH! Gorbad’ll crush every stunty and humie in it’z path!”
~ Gorbad Ironclaw, Warboss of the Ironclaw tribe of Iron Rock

Though the greenskins are not ones to keep historical records, the annals of civilized nations will not forget Gorbad Ironclaw or the violent rise of the Ironclaws. The tale of Gorbad Ironclaw is written in the blood of the slain as he carved out a path to power in the most bloody way possible, for he believed that fear alone could subjugate the greenskin tribes and allow him to ride to greater glory. However, the men and women of the Empire were not so easily intimidated. WAAAGH! Gorbad crumbled in the face of the Empire’s opposition, but not before Gorbad left a swath of destruction in his wake and stripped Solland of its sword and crown.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Black Fangs

March 15, 2021 Leave a comment

“If dem stunties try an’ come back, and dey will, den we’z gunna crush ’em again! We’z gunna bash ’em gud and cut off dere stinkin’ beards to make us sum stinkin’ belts! Dere ain’t no room in Gunbad for no stinkin’ stunty to hammer away! Any Black Fang dat even finks about runnin’ at da sight o’ da stunties will get gutted by me! Dis is our place and we’z gunna follow my rulez if we’z gunna keep Gunbad! You gits break da rulez den da stunties’ll come back and make dis place Gungood, and dat sounds stoopid! Only da Black Fangs can keep Gunbad bad!”
~ Warboss Gorgut of the Black Fangs

If the best way to rise to fame among the greenskin tribes is oust the dwarfs from one of their holds, then the Black Fangs have achieved some form of fame. Though not a hold but a mining outpost, Mount Gunbad was once one of the wealthiest mines in all of Karaz Ankor. Now it lays in ruin, occupied by the Black Fang orc tribe which finds itself hard-pressed fending off not only the dwarfs of the nearby Karaz-a-Karak, but also rival greenskin tribes who are drawn by the bright blue crystals found within Gunbad…

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Greenskin Tribes ~ The Crooked Moons

March 12, 2021 Leave a comment

“Dese peaks iz our peaks! Dem stinkin’ ratters fink dat dey can come up from dere hidey holes and stab a Crooked Moon in da back?! Well dey don’t know dat da Crooked Moons iz da mastas of back-stabbin’! All da git tribes o’ Eight Peaks’ll bow to da Crooked Moon, or dey’ll get eaten by our squigs! First we’z gunna make dem other gits fall in line, and den we’z gunna crush dem sneaky ratters unda da mountain. Da day will come when da Crooked Moon rises above all o’ da Eight Peaks!”
~ Gritskil Moonfang, Big Boss of the Crooked Moons

Laying claim to a swath of territory along the southern rim of Death Pass, the Crooked Moon tribe controls one of the most important routes between the Darklands and the Badlands. More important yet is that the Crooked Moon tribe has, through cunning plots and treacherous acts, risen to become one of the prominent claimants to the ruins of the fallen dwarf hold of Karak Eight Peaks. The night goblin tribe acts as a constant poisonous thorn in the sides of the dwarfen king Belegar Ironhammer of Clan Angrund, and Warlord Queek Headtaker of the skaven Clan Mors – not to mention all the other greenskin tribes in the region who seek a piece of the pie that is Karak Eight Peaks. Under the leadership of Skarsnik, the Crooked Moon night goblins have risen to become a powerful player in the endless war over Karak Eight Peaks and the southern World’s Edge Mountains.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Broken Nose

March 9, 2021 Leave a comment

“Dis ‘ere beastie is da Lead Belcher. ‘E makes lotsa noise and wif da black stunty powda makes da big rocks fly fast and far. And dat dere is da Skull Crusher, not so loud when he lobs da big rocks, but wen dat rock comes crashin’ down! Our gits make good lobbas, but dem stunties know ‘ow to carva a stone lobba! We pick da biggest and bestest rock to lob and den crush wut eva is in our way! Only da Broken Noses are smart enuff to take dem stunty lobbas and put ’em to gud use!”
~ Boggrub Legbiter, Boss of the Broken Nose Tribe

Goblin tribes of the ‘normal’ flavor are seldom known for their tactical victories and fame on the battlefield – a tribute which is more often laid at the feet of the night goblins. However, among the goblin tribes there is one that stands out for its success in battle, one tribe that has even earned a degree of respect, if such a thing exists, from orc tribes. Through uncharacteristic daring and predictable subterfuge, the Broken Nose tribe of goblins has risen to the ranks of being a tribe that the orcs will trust in war, and the dwarf will curse until the day that more than their noses are broken.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ The Mother Crushers

March 6, 2021 Leave a comment

“I don’t need no WAAAGH! to crush dem stunties! Me and my lads’ll do just fine with wut we’z got! Ev’ry Mother Crusher is worth four-and-lotsa a regular orc git! We’z got da brains wut Gork gifted to us, bigger brains den dem gobbo shammies! It takes da bestest taktikal geeneus to smash up ev’ry hummie and stunty warband and dere stone hauzes. Wen youse lived longer dan me den we can talk about who’z da real boss ‘ere. Da Mother Crushers ain’t afraid o’ nufing, we go where no udda gits’ll go. We’z gunna smash ya, if we’z ‘ungry den we’z gunna eat ya, and if yer lucky we’z gunna write bout ‘ow gud youse tasted!”
~ Eeza Ugezod,

While many across the Old World shudder in fear at the sound of names like Gorbad Ironclaw, Gorfant Rotgut, or Grimgor Ironhide, few outside of the greenskin community know of the fame of the Mother Crushers. Orc warlords like Ironclaw, Rotgut, or Ironhide gained their fame not only for their prowess on the battlefield, but also for the mighty WAAAGHS! they led across the pages of history. Eeza Ugezod of the Mother Crushers achieved his successes not at the head of a mighty WAAAGH!, but by the capacity of his brain.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Bloodfangs

March 3, 2021 Leave a comment

“It is my firm belief that the Empire would never have been founded by Sigmar Heldenhammer if not for the great threat known as Urgluk Bloodfang that presented itself in the realms of men. More than a dozen tribes of men squabbled over the forests, plains, and mires west of the World’s Edge Mountains. These tribes were led by kings and queens in name only, for what power did these primitive tribes wield? While these monarchs of men ruled over mud and stick huts, the dawi had had massive holds carved of sturdy stone with the fine craftsmanship of the dawi on display. In that fateful time, the cursed orcs of the south marched upon the lands of men, and through sheer fear united them. It must have been quite an odd spectacle for our ancestors to witness – men and orcs both clad in blue paint on their naked bodies with bones in their hair and a wild craze in their eyes clashed. Never before in history had so much color erupted in Haz Drazh Kadrin, or Black Fire Pass as the victor would have it.”
Edrin Thorinsson, Historian of Karak Eight Peaks

Before the formation of the Empire, the lands that would one day make up the Empire were divided into over a dozen tribes of men. These tribes on occasion would find grounds to unite their forces against some greater foe, but their kings and queens were too focused on personal gain and glory to form a grander alliance. That is until the coming of Urgluk Bloodfang and perhaps the first of the mighty WAAAGHs to befall the Old World.

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