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Exploring the Dwarfen and Greenskin Realms

As mentioned before in my post about the Border Princes, one of the forms of the Warhammer fantasy world that has great appeal to me is that of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game (WHF:RPG henceforth) books. I had never played pencil-and-paper role-playing games before, but my fondness for the lore and atmosphere of the Warhammer Fantasy universe drew me into this style of gaming. Why? Because this is the one medium of gaming that allows for you to create your own story, your own adventure. Tabletop gaming feels like it is more about the battle and strategy to overcome the opposing units (the same applies for the Total War games), and other video games have a static story to be told, whereas the roleplaying games provide a rich background for you to create a character to explore the world with your friends. One of the things that I quickly noticed about the WHF:RPG books is that they heavily focus on the Empire. While I appreciate the depth of the setting, I have always been drawn to the other realms of the world whose stories were less developed, and perhaps none more so than the dwarfs of the Old World.

A mighty kingdom that stretched the mountains of the world, with magnificent feats of architecture, torn asunder and left struggling for survival against the filthy tide of the greenskins. The WHF:RPG books only barely scratch the surface of the dwarfen world and its culture. Sure we know the tale of Karak Eight Peaks in great depth, but what of the other fallen holds? I long for a game (video or pen-and-paper) where I can descend into a fallen dwarf hold and explore it! How did such a mighty hold filled with stubborn warriors fall? What was its story? As someone who has been the GM (Game master) for some WHF:RPG sessions, I have the unique opportunity to form these environments for my players to explore – however the choice of exploration is theirs and I can’t force upon them the enthusiasm which I have. I’ve decided to share some of my own crafted lore for these factions in case someone else wants to one day explore the world of the dwarfs and their nasty rivals, the greenskins (yes, I understand the skaven are also nasty rivals, but they have their own heraldry book released by Games Workshop.)

I am fortunate enough to know a few artists who were willing to help me create banners for these different factions because an additional quirk of mine is that I love flags and what they symbolize. While some of the logos for the banners were taken from official Games Workshop material, many (if not most) are not official and it was with great joy that I worked with the artists to create something new. In making these new dwarf hold logos, I tried to stay true to the style created by Mark Gibbons, as seen in the image below. In some cases dwarf holds have colors associated with them, but in many cases I did not find any official designation of colors. However, because I feel that in battle it is important for the different holds to differentiate themselves, I did select different color schemes for the Holds. Likewise, not all of the characters or the lore I present is official, but much of it is supplemented by my own thoughts.

Once again, I am not presenting anything as ‘official’, simply my creative contribution. Due to the fact that Warhammer Online has a large influence on my Warhammer fandom, some of that may seep into what lies ahead. I feel inclined to start with the greenskin tribes, as the WHF:RPG books touch upon them the least. As there are scores of greenskin tribes, and my friends’ willingness to draw banners has its limits, I made a select few that served my needs. After the greenskins I shall move on to the wonderful world of the dwarfs! Perhaps one day my kithband warrior will explore the depths of Karak Varn or find the ruins of Karak Vlag (where he shall be free of the racist persecution of the Empire!)

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