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Greenskin Tribes ~ Bloodfangs

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“It is my firm belief that the Empire would never have been founded by Sigmar Heldenhammer if not for the great threat known as Urgluk Bloodfang that presented itself in the realms of men. More than a dozen tribes of men squabbled over the forests, plains, and mires west of the World’s Edge Mountains. These tribes were led by kings and queens in name only, for what power did these primitive tribes wield? While these monarchs of men ruled over mud and stick huts, the dawi had had massive holds carved of sturdy stone with the fine craftsmanship of the dawi on display. In that fateful time, the cursed orcs of the south marched upon the lands of men, and through sheer fear united them. It must have been quite an odd spectacle for our ancestors to witness – men and orcs both clad in blue paint on their naked bodies with bones in their hair and a wild craze in their eyes clashed. Never before in history had so much color erupted in Haz Drazh Kadrin, or Black Fire Pass as the victor would have it.”
Edrin Thorinsson, Historian of Karak Eight Peaks

Before the formation of the Empire, the lands that would one day make up the Empire were divided into over a dozen tribes of men. These tribes on occasion would find grounds to unite their forces against some greater foe, but their kings and queens were too focused on personal gain and glory to form a grander alliance. That is until the coming of Urgluk Bloodfang and perhaps the first of the mighty WAAAGHs to befall the Old World.

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