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Greenskin Tribes ~ Bloodfangs

“It is my firm belief that the Empire would never have been founded by Sigmar Heldenhammer if not for the great threat known as Urgluk Bloodfang that presented itself in the realms of men. More than a dozen tribes of men squabbled over the forests, plains, and mires west of the World’s Edge Mountains. These tribes were led by kings and queens in name only, for what power did these primitive tribes wield? While these monarchs of men ruled over mud and stick huts, the dawi had had massive holds carved of sturdy stone with the fine craftsmanship of the dawi on display. In that fateful time, the cursed orcs of the south marched upon the lands of men, and through sheer fear united them. It must have been quite an odd spectacle for our ancestors to witness – men and orcs both clad in blue paint on their naked bodies with bones in their hair and a wild craze in their eyes clashed. Never before in history had so much color erupted in Haz Drazh Kadrin, or Black Fire Pass as the victor would have it.”
Edrin Thorinsson, Historian of Karak Eight Peaks

Before the formation of the Empire, the lands that would one day make up the Empire were divided into over a dozen tribes of men. These tribes on occasion would find grounds to unite their forces against some greater foe, but their kings and queens were too focused on personal gain and glory to form a grander alliance. That is until the coming of Urgluk Bloodfang and perhaps the first of the mighty WAAAGHs to befall the Old World.

From atop his savage wyvern, Urgluk Bloodfang united hundreds of thousands of greenskins from the Badlands to march north. For his banner, Bloodfang took a checkered fang over a splatter of blood – a simple enough symbol for his small-minded followers to grasp. His namesake tribe, the Bloodfangs, was a green sea of orcs and goblins ready to wash upon the lands of men. Never before had the Old World seen such a massive tide of greenskins, and the fractured realms of mean stood no chance against the onslaught. Through diplomatic tact and skill at arms, Sigmar managed to unite twelve of the tribes of men in the Old World to march together and face the Bloodfang tide before it could flood into the realms of men. However, Sigmar and the tribes of men did not face the greenskin tide alone, for an act of valor fourteen years prior gave Sigmar two powerful allies – the dwarfs, and the gods.

Urgluk Bloodfang knew not what foe waited for him as he marched north, he could only assume that he would face the fragmented tribes of men and easily sweep across the lands north of the Black Mountains. Fourteen years prior to the First Battle of Black Fire Pass, a young Unberogen prince named Sigmar came upon a dwarf being held captive by a greenskin warboss, Vagraz Headstomper, and his greenskin army. Sigmar and the Unberogens defeated the greenskins and freed the dwarf, who unbeknownst to them was High King Kurgan Ironbeard. As a reward for his valor, Sigmar gained both the friendship of the dwarfs, and a mighty hammer crafted by the dwarfen ancestor god Smednir, Ghal Maraz, which would also later be blessed by the god of the humans Ulric. It was with this hammer and his dwarfen allies, that Sigmar marched to face the Bloodfang host at Black Fire Pass.

Urgluk Bloodfang was a mighty warboss, a title earned more by physical strength and skill at arms than by strategic genius. He marched his Bloodfangs straight into Black Fire Pass and met the coalition of the twelve tribes of men and their dwarfen allies at the battleground of their choosing. While the WAAAGH! of Urgluk Bloodfang numbered in the hundreds of thousands and could have easily washed over the army before it on any other battlefield, in Black Fire Pass numerical superiority amounted to little. The initial charge of human warriors, unclad in armor and instead covered in swirls of woad paint, took Bloodfang off-guard, but soon the greenskins recovered from the initial shock and charged at the waiting host of men and dwarfs. At multiple times it seemed that the line of defenders would crumble under the weight of the green tide. The fateful moment came when Urgluk Bloodfang charged at Sigmar Heldenhammer and sought to slay the mighty human warrior who felled so many of his orc warriors. But Ghal Maraz held true to its name as it first slayed the wyvern that Bloodfang rode and then crushed the skull of the mighty warboss. Seeing the defeat of their warboss, the Bloodfangs routed and turned back south. From the crushing defeat of Urgluk Bloodfang arose a unified Empire led by Sigmar Heldenhammer.

Without the iron grip of their warboss to hold them in line, the greenskins of the Bloodfang WAAAGH relapsed to their natural state of disorder and turned upon each other. Remnants of the tribe survived to the modern times as a nuisance south of Black Fire Pass occasionally daring to raid the Old Dwarf Road, or the Border Prince town of Munzig. They still fly the banner of Bloodfang, though none know what it stood for, assuming that perhaps ‘it wuz da toof of Gork!’ Little do they know that this banner struck fear into the hearts of men, a fear which would forge the Empire.

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