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Greenskin Tribes ~ The Mother Crushers

“I don’t need no WAAAGH! to crush dem stunties! Me and my lads’ll do just fine with wut we’z got! Ev’ry Mother Crusher is worth four-and-lotsa a regular orc git! We’z got da brains wut Gork gifted to us, bigger brains den dem gobbo shammies! It takes da bestest taktikal geeneus to smash up ev’ry hummie and stunty warband and dere stone hauzes. Wen youse lived longer dan me den we can talk about who’z da real boss ‘ere. Da Mother Crushers ain’t afraid o’ nufing, we go where no udda gits’ll go. We’z gunna smash ya, if we’z ‘ungry den we’z gunna eat ya, and if yer lucky we’z gunna write bout ‘ow gud youse tasted!”
~ Eeza Ugezod,

While many across the Old World shudder in fear at the sound of names like Gorbad Ironclaw, Gorfant Rotgut, or Grimgor Ironhide, few outside of the greenskin community know of the fame of the Mother Crushers. Orc warlords like Ironclaw, Rotgut, or Ironhide gained their fame not only for their prowess on the battlefield, but also for the mighty WAAAGHS! they led across the pages of history. Eeza Ugezod of the Mother Crushers achieved his successes not at the head of a mighty WAAAGH!, but by the capacity of his brain.

Of the greenskin races, mental aptitude is generally not associated with the orcs, but rather with their smaller and more cunning kin, the goblins. Black orcs rise above other orcs, and not just physically, in their slightly greater capacity for thought – though to what extent is a matter of debate. What is a true rarity among the greenskins is the capacity for a greenskin to read and write. Apparently somewhere along the line of their cruel and twisted experiments, the chaos dwarfs created something that surely they had not anticipated – a semi-intelligent black orc. The Mother Crushers are among the few black orcs gifted with intellect, which alone should be enough for them to merit a degree of fame in the so-called civilized kingdoms of the Old World, that is if they didn’t combine their intellect with the other thing black orcs do exceedingly well – killing.

To charge an enemy host is a rather simple, nay impulsive, move for any orc, but to do it so effectively that the greenskins suffer few losses while the enemy is hard-pressed to have a survivor is quite the accomplishment. The dwarfs and humans of the Old World have come to expect a reckless and bloodthirsty charge from the greenskin, an attack which can be deftly blunted by a smaller force with proper tactics. However, when any opposing army comes across the banner of the Mother Crushers and begin to see tactical maneuvers being executed by black orcs, they are caught off guard. Such is the tactical genius of Eeza Ugezod and the Mother Crushers, that Ugezod has never led a WAAAGH!, nor does he desire to, for a smaller force is able to elude the attention of scouts and strike with surprise.

The feeble greenskin mind is not one to commit names to memory, particularly of ages past, but such is the fame of the Mother Crushers among the greenskins that every git quietly hopes to join their ranks and take part in their glorious fame. The Mother Crushers are both cunning and brutal, and should you see their banner on the battlefield, do not expect to be fighting a normal greenskin host, or you will not live to tell the tale of how you faced the Mother Crushers.

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