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Greenskin Tribes ~ Broken Nose

“Dis ‘ere beastie is da Lead Belcher. ‘E makes lotsa noise and wif da black stunty powda makes da big rocks fly fast and far. And dat dere is da Skull Crusher, not so loud when he lobs da big rocks, but wen dat rock comes crashin’ down! Our gits make good lobbas, but dem stunties know ‘ow to carva a stone lobba! We pick da biggest and bestest rock to lob and den crush wut eva is in our way! Only da Broken Noses are smart enuff to take dem stunty lobbas and put ’em to gud use!”
~ Boggrub Legbiter, Boss of the Broken Nose Tribe

Goblin tribes of the ‘normal’ flavor are seldom known for their tactical victories and fame on the battlefield – a tribute which is more often laid at the feet of the night goblins. However, among the goblin tribes there is one that stands out for its success in battle, one tribe that has even earned a degree of respect, if such a thing exists, from orc tribes. Through uncharacteristic daring and predictable subterfuge, the Broken Nose tribe of goblins has risen to the ranks of being a tribe that the orcs will trust in war, and the dwarf will curse until the day that more than their noses are broken.

Hailing from the fiery plains of Karag Haraz, or the Fire Mountain as it is known to the common human cartographer, the Broken Nose tribe was forged quite literally in the heat of a volcano. Surely, it is no common shroom that will take root in cracked molten ground and grow into a fierce goblin. As with all greenskin tribes, many warbosses have come and gone, replaced by either more cunningly brutal or more brutally cunning gits. However the Broken Nose goblins wouldn’t make their deepest and most lasting mark on the annals of history until the leadership of Boggrub Legbiter.

Before the rise of Boggrub Legbiter, the Broken Nose goblins were a mere nuisance to the south of the dwarfen holds of Karak Izril and Karak Azul – nothing the ranger parties couldn’t keep in check with the seasonal culling. The Time of Woes would change not only the fate of the dwarfen holds in these lands, but also how the Broken Nose tribe would make its mark in the dwarfen Dammaz Kron, the Great Book of Grudges. The volcanic eruptions that stirred Karag Haraz to life also brought about cataclysmic earthquakes that severely weakened the defenses of Karak Izril, now known as Karak Azgal. The fortunes of this once-incredibly-rich hold quickly came to an end under the weight of the enemies of the dwarfs, but the greenskin claim to this hold wouldn’t come until many centuries later when the Broken Nose combined their skills with other greenskin tribes to claim Karak Azgal as their own, but this would only be the beginning of their exploits.

Instilled with a new confidence after claiming Karak Azgal for the glory of Mork and Gork, Boggrub Legbiter turned his gaze on the remaining dwarfen hold in those parts of the World’s Edge Mountains, Karak Azul. The Iron Peak had long held firm against the tides of greenskins and skaven while the neighboring holds fell one by one. The emboldened Broken Nose goblins and their allies marched on Karak Azul, not knowing that the fate of the battle there would greatly change the future for their tribe. In the ensuing Battle of Karak Azul, the Broken Nose tribe succeeded in inflicting such a grievous wound upon the engineers of Karak Azul, that to this day they spit upon the name of Boggrub Legbiter. In this battle the goblins made off with dwarfen siege engines which the Master Rune of Immolation clearly failed to protect. The newly rechristened Lead Belcher, a dwarfen organ gun with a modified larger barrel, and the Skull Crusher, a dwarfen grudge thrower, now serve the Broken Nose tribe in bringing death to their foes – much to the consternation of the dwarfs.

Recent reports, or whatever one would call the gossip spread by goblins from tribe to tribe, indicate that there is a potential power struggle in the ranks of the Broken Nose leadership. Armed with his new siege weapons, Boggrub Legbiter has great aspirations to lead the Broken Nose goblins to Black Fire Pass, where the first great WAAAGH! of the Bloodfangs failed, and from there into the Empire. Though a younger and more cunning goblin named Grottnik has risen through the ranks atop a pile of slain goblin midbosses. Which goblin will have the greater cunning to lead the Broken Noses in the next great WAAAGH!?

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