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Greenskin Tribes ~ Black Fangs

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“If dem stunties try an’ come back, and dey will, den we’z gunna crush ’em again! We’z gunna bash ’em gud and cut off dere stinkin’ beards to make us sum stinkin’ belts! Dere ain’t no room in Gunbad for no stinkin’ stunty to hammer away! Any Black Fang dat even finks about runnin’ at da sight o’ da stunties will get gutted by me! Dis is our place and we’z gunna follow my rulez if we’z gunna keep Gunbad! You gits break da rulez den da stunties’ll come back and make dis place Gungood, and dat sounds stoopid! Only da Black Fangs can keep Gunbad bad!”
~ Warboss Gorgut of the Black Fangs

If the best way to rise to fame among the greenskin tribes is oust the dwarfs from one of their holds, then the Black Fangs have achieved some form of fame. Though not a hold but a mining outpost, Mount Gunbad was once one of the wealthiest mines in all of Karaz Ankor. Now it lays in ruin, occupied by the Black Fang orc tribe which finds itself hard-pressed fending off not only the dwarfs of the nearby Karaz-a-Karak, but also rival greenskin tribes who are drawn by the bright blue crystals found within Gunbad…

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