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Greenskin Tribes ~ The Ironclaws

“From dis rock I see all da lands dat’ll belong to me ‘un day… From dis rock we’z gunna start our WAAAGH! and move norf into da greener lands! Da gits iz meant to go where it’z greener and not sit ‘ere in da Badlands sniffin’ dust and chewin’ dried up bones, and I’z gunna be da ‘un to lead em! Gorbad Ironclaw iz da Once ‘n Future Git, so sez I, cuz I’z da ‘un to take da gits into da green lands! ‘Ear me now gits, WAAAGH! Gorbad’ll crush every stunty and humie in it’z path!”
~ Gorbad Ironclaw, Warboss of the Ironclaw tribe of Iron Rock

Though the greenskins are not ones to keep historical records, the annals of civilized nations will not forget Gorbad Ironclaw or the violent rise of the Ironclaws. The tale of Gorbad Ironclaw is written in the blood of the slain as he carved out a path to power in the most bloody way possible, for he believed that fear alone could subjugate the greenskin tribes and allow him to ride to greater glory. However, the men and women of the Empire were not so easily intimidated. WAAAGH! Gorbad crumbled in the face of the Empire’s opposition, but not before Gorbad left a swath of destruction in his wake and stripped Solland of its sword and crown.

Nearly five hundred years before the current time, an orc by the name of Gorbad Ironclaw began his bloody rise to power leading his Ironclaw tribe out of the Badlands and establishing a base at an iron megalith known as the Iron Rock, which was being mined by dwarfs at the time, but they proved easy enough to dispatch. The surest way of winning the loyalty of a rival tribe was to horrifically defeat and execute their leader, for if nothing else, the orcs respect prowess. His largest rival in the region was the Broken Tooth tribe, but after the aforementioned treatment of their leader, Crusher Zogoth, the Broken Tooth tribe fell in line and became one of the staunchest allies of the Ironclaws. With the Broken Tooth tribe on his side, Gorbad controlled both ends of Mad Dog Pass, but his aspirations longed for more.

From the Iron Rock Gorbad began a campaign to unite the greenskin tribes of the Badlands and the World’s Edge Mountains under his rule by sending out his orc enforcers. Goblin tribes often required less physical persuasion, for they knew that their way to survive was with their superior intellect; however, orc tribes often required a harder touch. Anyone that offered resistance to Gorbad Ironclaw was slain, and in the case of the dwarfs this was the most horrific trait of the Ironclaws. Not only did they destroy dwarfen holds, but they took no prisoners and instead slayed every last dwarf, and additionally they so thoroughly looted the holds that not a lump of metal was left. This reign of terror across the central World’s Edge Mountains devastated dwarfen mining operations there, while at the same time unified the greenskins under an iron fist.

Once Gorbad had under his control all the greenskin tribes from Mad Dog Pass to Death Pass, he felt his army was sizeable enough to lead a mighty WAAAGH! north into the Empire, for greener pastures were always meant for ‘da green and not dem humies.’ Like a bloody scythe that reaped a bloody harvest, Gorbad crashed through the southern provinces of the Empire, leaving the provinces of Averland, the Moot, Wissenland, and Solland destroyed. Solland in particular suffered a tragic fate as it’s Elector Count Eldred was slain and fed to Gorbad’s warboar, Gnarla, while his crown and Runefang were taken as trophies. Such was the blow to Solland that it ceased to exist. Along the path of destruction were the burning ruins of the greats cities of the Empire, Averheim and Nuln, and Altdorf was next in Gorbad’s sights.

However, the wounds Gorbad suffered from Count Eldred’s Runefang troubled him greatly, to the point where he was unable to execute sound strategic choices. Gorbad ordered his greenskins into senseless slaughter, which caused rebellion among the ranks. With his forces depleted as they either died at the walls of Altdorf, or deserted their deranged leader, Gorbad was forced to flee back south. The final blow to the Ironclaws and their Broken Tooth allies came when they were ambushed by the dwarfs south of Black Fire Pass, in an act of revenge for the grudges dealt in the southern World’s Edge Mountains. Though the remnants of Gorbad Ironclaw’s WAAAGH! were destroyed, there is no indication of his fate, and rumors have it that he lives on. The Ironclaws have returned to their base of operations, the Iron Rock, and their Broken Tooth allies guard the other end of Mad Dog Pass, but surely something stronger than loyalty binds the Broken Tooths to the Ironclaws…

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