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Greenskin Tribes ~ Broken Tooth

“Youse askin’ why da Broken Tooths still stick wif da Ironclaws? Dat question iz too big fer yer small noggin. I haz da best plan, trust me. Yea da Ironclaws were crushed by da hummies, but you ‘eard wut dey said ’bout Gorbad Ironclaw. ‘e wuz da nastiest git in dese parts. No I ain’t afraid o’ ‘im! I just knows dat it’z easier to lead when youse alive. I’z tougher dan Gorbad an’ can crush ‘im any day, but da Ironclaws need us and we needs dem. If we’z to take back Black Crag dat is ourz, den we’z gonna send da Ironclaws in first to soften up dem Red Fangs. Once da Red Fangs iz bled a little, den we go in for da kill! Hah! Told ya I’z got da bestest plans!”
~ Urk da Stuntystomper, Warlord of the Broken Tooth tribe

The Broken Tooth tribe was once on of the preeminent foes of the dwarfen kingdoms, given their reign over the fallen hold of Karak Drazh, or Black Crag. The reign of the Broken Tooths would be cut short and eclipsed by the rise of Gorbad Ironclaw who brutally defeated the Broken Tooth Warboss Crusher Zogoth and turned the Broken Tooths into subservient vassals. Unfortunately for the Broken Tooths, their glory rose and fell with Gorbad Ironclaw.

The power and prestige of any orc tribe can be measured by both its size, and by its stomping grounds. At their height, the Broken Tooth tribe ruled over the ruins of Black Crag. However, such power is quick to attract the attention of the ever-jealous greenskins, who always seek to improve their situation at the expense of others. The Warboss of the Broken Tooths at the time of their reign over Black Crag was Crusher Zogoth. Roughly eight hundred years before the common time, Gorbad Ironclaw made his first power grab which would target the Broken Tooths. Crusher Zogoth felt overly confident in his position as Warboss over Black Crag, relying both on the numbers of his tribe and on the defenses of the dwarf hold, which although ruined still proved formidable. This confidence would be Crusher Zogoth’s undoing. By using night goblins and their expertise with tunnels and underground warfare, Gorbad Ironclaw led a surprise attack at the Broken Tooths which devastated them in one blow. With Crusher Zogoth dead, the survivors quickly bent the knee to Gorbad Ironclaw, becoming his loyal pawn in future endeavors.

After Gorbad Ironclaw crushed Crusher Zogoth and brought the Broken Tooths into the fold, he turned them into his enforcers. Their chance to reclaim their honor, in as much as orcs have any concept of honor, was at subjugating the remaining greenskin tribes between Mad Dog Pass and Death Pass. They marched forth in Gorbad Ironclaw’s name, and at his name weaker tribes quickly bent the knee – a fact which gave the Broken Tooths much pleasure, for it was to them that the smaller greenskin tribes physically knelt and bowed their heads, and only to Gorbad Ironclaw symbolically. Once these lands were all brought into Gorbad Ironclaw’s ironfisted rule, he marshalled his hosts in a mighty WAAAGH! aimed at the Empire, and the Broken Tooths would loyally follow him into every danger.

Initially the invasion of the Empire proved a smashing success, with more plunder than the Broken Tooths, or any other tribe following Gorbad Ironclaw, could physically carry. Averland was pillaged, the Moot was devastated and the halflings filled the larder of the greenskin host, and Solland was razed beyond recovery. Averheim and Nuln burned, and the flickering flames brought great joy to the Broken Tooths, to the point that they forgot the demise Crusher Zogoth and instead only thought of their glory in this new green land. However, Gorbad Ironclaw’s ambition was too great, and after suffering a grievous wound his judgement was too poor. Gorbad Ironclaw lead his WAAAGH! against Altdorf where he aimed to break the Empire, but it would not be so. Terribly pained by his wound, Gorbad ordered his greenskins to execute reckless frontal assaults against the walls of the city. So heavy were the losses that even the fear of Gorbad’s retribution could not hold his army together. Desertion was rampant, but through it all the Broken Tooths remained loyal.

With heavily depleted numbers and no chance of storming Altdorf, Gorbad ordered a retreat of what remaining greenskins he had. The majority of the retreating force consisted of the Ironclaws, the ever-loyal Broken Tooths, and assorted goblin tribes who feared Gorbad above all and dared not flee. Hounded all the way by the revenge-seeking Sollanders, the greenskin host emerged from Black Fire Pass in far lower numbers than they had entered it, and the worst was waiting for them. As if into the open maw of some raging beast, WAAAGH! Gorbad emerged from Black Fire Pass into a dwarfen ambush resulting in the Battle of Blood Peak. The battle ended with the near annihilation of WAAAGH Gorbad, though some orcs managed to survive the fray and retreat south. Of the survivors were some Broken Tooths who returned with the Ironclaws to Mad Dog Pass. The Ironclaws returned to their home at Iron Rock, while the Broken Tooths, either from loyalty or from lack of options, settled at the east end of Mad Dog Pass securing the flank of the Ironclaws.

Unable to fully recover after their crushing defeat at the side of Gorbad Ironclaw, the Broken Tooths were too weak to reclaim their home of Black Crag, which was in turn conquered by the Red Fangs who the Broken Tooths bow before now. History does not record the fate of Gorbad Ironclaw, but many question if he lives yet given the Broken Tooth’s unwillingness to challenge their former overlords at Iron Rock. Is it his ghost that they fear, or does he draw breath still?

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