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Greenskin Tribes ~ Red Fangs

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“Hah! Stunties ain’t for fearin’! Wutcha runts worried about?! When you see a stunty, youse run right at ’em and grab ’em by the beard and pull hard! Once youse got a stunty beard in yer hand den Mor’ll protect you from all dere blows. Ratters you grab by da tail and spin round an’ round. I once smashed some ratter boss and ‘is red pets, coulda crushed ‘im into paste but some stinkin’ stunty got in my way. In da end I had my paste, just wuzn’t ratter. Red Fangs fear nothin’! No stunties and no ratters! Black Crag is ours until da sun eats da earth! I iz king ‘ere and da Red Fangs ain’t goin’ no where!”
~ Gorfang Rotgut, Warboss of the Red Fangs and ‘King’ of Black Crag

When the Broken Tooth tribe marched north with Gorbad Ironclaw, they left their home of Black Crag open for a new occupant. Gorfang Rotgut wasted no time cleaning out the remaining Broken Tooths and establishing Black Crag as the seat of his kingdom. The Red Fangs became the dominant tribe at the west end of Death Pass, and secured an uneasy alliance with the Crooked Moons of Karak Eight Peaks who held the east end of Death Pass. The peace between the two dominant tribes allowed for a more focused assault against Clan Mors in the City of Pillars, and the dwarfs who dared trod in the central World’s Edge Mountains.

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