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Greenskin Tribes ~ Red Fangs

“Hah! Stunties ain’t for fearin’! Wutcha runts worried about?! When you see a stunty, youse run right at ’em and grab ’em by the beard and pull hard! Once youse got a stunty beard in yer hand den Mor’ll protect you from all dere blows. Ratters you grab by da tail and spin round an’ round. I once smashed some ratter boss and ‘is red pets, coulda crushed ‘im into paste but some stinkin’ stunty got in my way. In da end I had my paste, just wuzn’t ratter. Red Fangs fear nothin’! No stunties and no ratters! Black Crag is ours until da sun eats da earth! I iz king ‘ere and da Red Fangs ain’t goin’ no where!”
~ Gorfang Rotgut, Warboss of the Red Fangs and ‘King’ of Black Crag

When the Broken Tooth tribe marched north with Gorbad Ironclaw, they left their home of Black Crag open for a new occupant. Gorfang Rotgut wasted no time cleaning out the remaining Broken Tooths and establishing Black Crag as the seat of his kingdom. The Red Fangs became the dominant tribe at the west end of Death Pass, and secured an uneasy alliance with the Crooked Moons of Karak Eight Peaks who held the east end of Death Pass. The peace between the two dominant tribes allowed for a more focused assault against Clan Mors in the City of Pillars, and the dwarfs who dared trod in the central World’s Edge Mountains.

The power vacuum left by the departure of Gorbad Ironclaw and his lackeys, the Broken Tooths, allowed for a new power to rise in Karak Drazh, and one that would be a far more reprehensible thorn in the dwarfen side. Gorfang Rotgut defeated the remnants of the Broken Tooth tribe at Black Crag and the tribe, accustomed to bowing before one mightier than they, quickly gave into Gorfang Rotgut’s rule. Contrary to Gorbad Ironclaw who ruled with a tyrannical grip, Gorfang Rotgut held a looser grip over his domain. He did not seek to spread terror among the neighboring greenskin tribes, but instead ruled by the traditional code of the orcs – he who is toughest is the bestest. Gorfang welcomes challengers because he knows he is unrivaled and can defeat anyone, and in doing so he gains the loyalty of those who followed the defeated foe.

The rule of the Red Fangs over the western end of Death Pass works to the benefit of the Crooked Moons who hold the east end and are engaged in a brutal struggle against the skaven of Clan Mors under Karak Eight Peaks. Gorfang Rotgut is more than happy to allow his quasi-ally to blunt his forces against the tide of skaven, knowing that if he wanted to he could best both Skarsnik and Warlord Queek Headtaker, particularly because he came rather close with the latter. Gorfang fears no foe and inspires the Red Fangs to face every enemy with a boastful overconfidence that will surely win the day.

When it comes to boasting, Gorfang Rotgut has ample reason to do so, much to the shame of the dwarfs. In recent memory, so recent that the greenskins still remember it, Gorfang Rotgut led the Red Fangs alongside the Necksnappers to raid Karak Azul. He did not know that the dwarfen king was not in his hold to protect it, not that it would have changed anything in Gorfang’s mind, but this proved an opportune moment to strike. With King Kazador off hunting goblins with his retinue, the defense of the Hold was in his son’s hands. Kazrik tried valiantly to hold back the greenskin tide, but failed leading to the capture of many of his kinsfolk who were taken back to the dungeons of Black Crag. This attack however would not be the last encounter with Kazrik.

During one of the many encounters between the greenskins, the skaven, and the dwarfs in the war for Karak Eight Peaks, Gorfang Rotgut had another chance to prove his prowess on the battlefield against a most cunning and deadly foe. In the midst of the melee Gorfang spotted a cluster of skaven warriors clad in blood red armor, and in the greenskin mind red means ‘go fasta’ so Gorfang hacked his way to this deadly looking lot. Gorfang stumbled upon the Red Guard, the personal bodyguard of Queek Headtaker who also was in their ranks. Warlord Queek’s rightpaw lieutenant, Ska Bloodtail, engaged Gorfang but was tossed aside like a rag doll. Rising to meet the challenge, Queek lunged at Gorfang and his blade struck true – at Gorfang’s armor where it became lodged. Gorfang smacked Queek away and was about to finish him off before a crazed dwarf lunged at him, inadvertently saving the skaven warlord’s life. The dwarf was none other than Kazrik and he fought a desperate duel to settle a terrible grudge inflicted upon his Hold, his family, and himself. There is no record of how the duel went, but the fact that Gorfang still lives indicates that Kazrik did not succeed.

Wielding his mighty sword, the Red Fang, Gorfang lives on proving himself to be a grave threat to all who oppose him. His tribe takes strength from the example he sets on the battlefield and proudly bears the name of the blade with which he has slain countless foes. Undefeated on the battlefield and nearly killing the most martially skilled fighter in the region, Warlord Queek Headtaker, Gorfang sits back atop his throne in Black Crag with full confidence that he is da toughest and bestest orc Mork placed upon this world. All who have challenged him have failed. Could there possibly be anyone who could defeat the King of Black Crag?

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