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Greenskin Tribes ~ Necksnappers

“Wut ain’t green we kill, it’z dat eazy. If da Dark Lands didn’t break us den nothin’ will. No hummies, stunties, or any beast’ll make da Necksnappas blink an eye. When da Necksnappas come, the last thing youse gonna hear is a snap.”
~ Morglum Necksnapper, Warboss of the Necksnappers

Born in the harsh lands east of the World’s Edge Mountains known as the Dark Lands, the Necksnappers are led by their taciturn warboss, Morglum Necksnapper. Morglum opts to use his hands to convey any message he has rather than boasting loudly as other orcs are prone to do. Given his skill at arms, Morglum has no need to speak, for the rumor of his might has spread far ahead of him.

The Dark Lands are a harsh and desolate landscape, unforgiving for most creatures. To survive there is to harden oneself beyond comprehension, both physically and emotionally. It was such a land that gave birth to the Chaos Dwarfs, and twisted to the core, the Chaos Dwarfs metaphorically gave birth to the black orcs who would sow terror across the Old World. Morglum Necksnapper is one such black orc hailing from the eastern lands, an orc so hardened by his surroundings that as he marches west the rising sun behind his back casts a long shadow which spreads fear to all it touches.

The black orcs of the Necksnapper tribe follow the example of their warboss and form the grim and silent backbone of the Necksnapper tribe. This has the unusual effect that even the normally boisterous orcs and goblins avoid speaking loudly or making a lot of noise for fear of drawing unwanted attention from their silent overlords. That is not to say that the Necksnappers are a tribe that moves without noise, for that is a rather impossible feat for a greenskin throng, but rather that silence has a way of uncomfortably rippling across the green sea of orcs and goblins as their weapons and armor clatter away and the occasional goblin or snotling squeal pierces the air.

Morglum Necksnapper fights all before his path and does so with a stony determination. He is not one to fight for a bloody slaughter, but is willing to accept into the ranks of the Necksnappers the toughest of his opponents. The harshness of the Dark Lands shaped Morglum, but also taught him to value a tough greenskin, whether it is an orc or a goblin. This philosophy manifested itself when Morglum crossed into the Badlands and engaged the tribe of Oglok the ‘Orrible defeating it so thoroughly that Oglok opted to join Morglum and fight by his side rather than stand defiant to him in the name of his pride. Words did not win Oglock over, for that is not the way of the black orc.

The Necksnappers made their fame known outside the greenskin society most notably during the assault on Karak Azul with Gorfang Rotgut and the Red Fangs. The joint assault by the silent Morglum and braggadocios Gorfang Rotgut could not have made for a more awkward pairing, but the brutality of the two warbosses left behind a grudge written in blood. In this assault the Necksnappers and Red Fangs caught Karak Azul by surprise attacking the hold from the mines underneath, and doing so while Kind Kazador was gone hunting goblins. His son, Kazrik, lead the defenses but to no avail as the greenskins poured over the city and caught Kazrik and his kinsfolk in the throne room. The kinsfolk were taken back as captives to the dungeons of Black Crag, for such is the way of Gorfang to boast of his feats, but the fate of Kazrik was so grim and unlike Gorfang that some suspect Morglum Necksnapper’s hand at the vile deed. As his kin was hauled off by the greenskins, Kazrik was shorn of beard and hair followed by a crude orc glyph tattooed onto his head, and as a final act of insult he was nailed to the throne and left for King Kazador to discover upon his return. Though Kazrik’s body survived the ordeal, his mind did not, and such was the grief of King Kazador that it can be said that on that fateful day his heart suffered a wound that will never heal.

Morglum sweeps west of the World’s Edge Mountains as a cold wind from the east. The Necksnappers do not need to speak loudly of their deeds, for it is in their silence that they convey their message – the black orcs of the east have risen to cover the land in green, and it is your blood that will soak into the soil so that the green may rise.

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