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Greenskin Tribes ~ Red Eyes

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“We, da Red Eyez, iz da bestest night gobbo tribe in all dese mountains! Why’s dat you ask? Cuz we’z da firstest greenies to take a stunty hole from dem! When we wuzn’t even shroom-gits, da Red Eyez broke into da tunnels under Mount Red Eye and gave the stunties a big surprise! We bashed ’em gud, every last stunty in dis hole. An’ when dere friends came back for more, we bashed ’em too! Ain’t no stunty settin’ foot in Mount Red Eye so long as da Red Eyez iz ‘ere! Grimgor or no Grimgor, da Red Eyez have gotta keep dis mountain ours. We took dis place and we’z da ‘uns to keep it.”
~ Giznit Bloodeye, Shaman of the Red Eye Tribe

In the bygone Golden Age of the dwarfs, Karak Ungor was a rich mining hold, famed for its deep and vast network of mines. This was a time before the coming of the greenskin tide. In their naivet̩, the dwarfs did not guard the abandoned mines and lower tunnels. The Red Eye night goblins would teach the dwarfs a costly lesson, one that would prove critical in the centuries to come Рalways look to your lower defenses. The fall of Karak Ungor to the Red Eye night goblins would signal the beginning of the Time of Woes Рan age where the dwarfs were on the defensive, with hold after hold falling to foul creatures.

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