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Greenskin Tribes ~ Da Immortulz

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“Dese boyz iz da toughest lot in all da lands! I’z da bestest and biggest, but dey know dere stuff. We’z came outta da Dark Lands smashin’ dose nasty burnin’ stunties dat tried to whip us. Well we whipped ’em gud! Taste like ash though, a lotta chewin’ for nufing tasty. Taste lousy an’ fight lousy… Da mountain stunties fight and den hide in dere holes. Da humies fight and then throw snow in yer face. Da ratz fight and die too eazy. Wut’z a git gotta do to get a propa fight?! Da lads need a propa bleedin’ every now and den or dey get lazy, and wut gud is a lazy git?!”
~ Grimgor Ironhide, Boss of the East and Green Slaughterer

Current accounts name Grimgor Ironhide as the warboss of the Red Eye night goblins in Red Eye Mountain. While it is true that they bent their knee before him and he has claimed their lair as his base of operations, Grimgor Ironhide has little to do with the history of the Red Eyes and tends to look down upon the diminutive and conniving goblins. Together with his Immortulz, Grimgor has led a campaign of terror across the northern World’s Edge Mountains. All fear his name and flee before him.

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