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Greenskin Tribes ~ Da Immortulz

“Dese boyz iz da toughest lot in all da lands! I’z da bestest and biggest, but dey know dere stuff. We’z came outta da Dark Lands smashin’ dose nasty burnin’ stunties dat tried to whip us. Well we whipped ’em gud! Taste like ash though, a lotta chewin’ for nufing tasty. Taste lousy an’ fight lousy… Da mountain stunties fight and den hide in dere holes. Da humies fight and then throw snow in yer face. Da ratz fight and die too eazy. Wut’z a git gotta do to get a propa fight?! Da lads need a propa bleedin’ every now and den or dey get lazy, and wut gud is a lazy git?!”
~ Grimgor Ironhide, Boss of the East and Green Slaughterer

Current accounts name Grimgor Ironhide as the warboss of the Red Eye night goblins in Red Eye Mountain. While it is true that they bent their knee before him and he has claimed their lair as his base of operations, Grimgor Ironhide has little to do with the history of the Red Eyes and tends to look down upon the diminutive and conniving goblins. Together with his Immortulz, Grimgor has led a campaign of terror across the northern World’s Edge Mountains. All fear his name and flee before him.

Known to the world as the Warboss of the Red Eyes and ruler of Red Eye Mountain, Grimgor is hardly interested in ruling. That Grimgor ended up at Red Eye Mountain is a matter of chance, and (mis)fortune for the Red Eye night goblins. Grimgor Ironhide prefers the company of his fellow Immortulz, for they share his story and have fought at his side from his early days. One may venture to say that Grimgor Ironhide’s tribe are Da Immortulz, for these are the greenskins he chooses to fight with and lead into battle.

Grimgor Ironhide and his Immortulz origin is not recorded anywhere but it is certain that they came from the Dark Lands. In all likelihood, Grimgor and his ilk were of the chaos dwarf experiment-gone-awry that turned into the black orcs that now terrorize the Old World. Such harsh conditions breed a harsh warrior, for to survive the slave pits of Zharr Naggrund and then travel across the barren Blasted Lands is no meager feat. Their blades, long dry of chaos dwarf blood after the trek across the Dark Lands, longed for new challenges. The Immortulz had defeated the weak greenskin tribes of the Dark Lands and taken into the ranks of the Immortulz only the strongest who they deemed fit fo rthe position. As Grimgor and his Immortulz came upon the eastern side of the World’s Edge Mountains, they had acquired a small host of greenskins who tailed them in hope for a good brawl, and soon they would not be disappointed.

Grimgor’s primary driving force was not conquest, but a good brawl. Traveling down Peak Pass, Grimgor got his first taste of fierce opposition from the slayers of Karak Kadrin. Despite their fierce reputation, the slayers of Karak Kadrin could not best the mighty black orc and his cohort of Immortulz. For every Immortal the slayers slew, there always seemed to be another orc ready to fill the gap. Even though the slayers long for a glorious death in battle, this battle had bled Karak Kadrin of too many warriors, and they were ordered back into the hold and their gates sealed. Grimgor did not care for a siege so to the dwarfs begrudging relief he left Peak Pass and continued his trail of destruction north.

Once the Immortulz and their baggage train of lesser greenskins emerged from Peak Pass onto the lands of the never-before-seen humans, they encountered a new foe. Unfortunately for Grimgor, the humans of Ostermark died easily and those who survived fled before him. Thus following the mountains, perhaps in search of more of those raging dwarfs, Grimgor’s path north took him into Kislev. The Kislevites however are no stranger to danger, having survived the countless northern incursions of trolls, Norsemen, skaven, chaos warriors, and worse things. The greenskin host marched towards the city of Kislev and found itself engulfed in a fierce winter storm. The greenskins froze to death by the dozens, and a frustrated Grimgor turned back east to the mountains, which caused the storm to abate. Seeing the storm weaken, Grimgor would attempt to march west again, only to see the storm pick up strength once again. After several attempts to outwit the storm, Grimgor was advised to move east and find somewhere to weather the winter and recover from the losses. Thus it was that Grimgor Ironhide and the surviving Immortulz came upon the Red Eye tribe in Red Eye Mountain, who had already heard of his exploits so they offered no resistance to the mighty black orc.

Red Eye Mountain was never a home for Grimgor, it was rather a temporary place of residence for him to spent the winter, much like a cabin for a human hunter. Always looking for a fight, Grimgor was not keen on sitting idly in Red Eye Mountain for the winter, and as luck would have it he had plenty to fight in the belly of his new home. Below Red Eye Mountain in the very tunnels that allowed the night goblins to penetrate the defenses of Karak Ungor, a skaven infestation had taken hold of the root of the mountain. All too pleased to fight a new enemy, Grimgor passed his winter away slaughtering the skaven, much to the content of the night goblins who had been losing ground before his arrival.

Thus in an annual cycle Grimgor would emerge in the spring as a butterfly, a green bloodthirsty butterfly, and sweep across the lands of Kislev and the Empire looking for a good fight. In the winter he would return to Red Eye Mountain so he could pass his time bashing skaven. Though every battle the Immortulz fought alongside their leader. The night goblins held Red Eye Mountain knowing that in the winter Grimgor would return to cull the skaven and push them back to the Hell Pit from which they came.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, for the Red Eye night goblins, Grimgor eventually grew bored of killing the cowardly humans and weak skaven. Therefore, one fateful spring Grimgor set out for the east, not the west. The Red Eyes sensed that Grimgor would not return so quickly this time, but it mattered not to them for Red Eye Mountain was theirs to keep. They held it without Grimgor against the dwarfen assaults and skaven incursions, and would continue to do so. Grimgor on the other hand was looking for a new more powerful foe to fight, and to that end his journey took him back to the Dark Lands, to Zorn Uzkul, or the Great Skull Land. The only thing that could bring Grimgor back west of the World’s Edge Mountains was news of a powerful worthy foe for him to face, but when that would be was unknown to all…

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