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Greenskin Tribes ~ The Bloody Handz

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“Right you maggots, dis day we’z gonna load up on dem barges and I dun’t wanna hear a grumble from any git ‘ere! If yer afraid o’ water den close yer eyez! An’ if youse gonna fall over da edge den shut yer mouth and don’t make any noise and sink like a gud git! Ain’t no git stoppin’ to fish youse outta da water so you keep yer feet on da ground and stay steady. One maggot less dun’t make a difference to Brukka! Just means more room for hummie loot and dose hummies got lotsa loot for da Bloody Handz!”
~ Brukka da Flaya, Warboss of the Bloody Handz tribe

The name of the Bloody Handz is often spat out with contempt by the traders and merchants of the world, particularly those of exotic goods. It is said that the phrase ‘a bloody earned coin’ spoken among merchants refers to the dangerous trade and need for highly defended caravans and convoys due to the pirating of the Bloody Handz tribe. Likewise the saying that a good ‘passed through the bloody hand’ does not refer to some illicit trade, but rather that the goods made the difficult journey past the raiding grounds of the Bloody Handz tribe. Where the Black Gulf might prove an impassable obstacle for most greenskins, the Bloody Handz have turned it into their raiding ground.

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