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Greenskin Tribes ~ One Eyes

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“Why’s you got two eyes still blinkin’ at me?! Youse eitha a One Eye or youse dinna! Wut’z it gunna be runt? If you wuz a night gobbo den dinna wud be da only choice, but seein’ as how youse not got shroomies growin’ out yer ears I’s gonna be generous enuff to give you da choice. Can’t have two eyes and belong to da One Eyes, dat wudn’t make sense wud it? Youse don’t see da Blue Face orcs paintin’ dere faces white do ya?! Brainz git! Use ’em if youse got em!”
~ Blinkin da One-Eye, Boss of the One Eye goblins

The One Eye goblins have the fortune of living in such an inhospitable stretch of land blessed with a high level of thermal geological activity. For any other race this land would be unworthy of life, but for the greenskins it is the perfect breeding ground, not that greenskins breed, but rather a ‘sporing ground.’ The geological benefits of this land allowed the One Eye goblins to grow at a prodigious rate. It is this growth and expansion of the One Eye tribe which decades, or even centuries, ago put them in direct conflict with the Crooked Moon night goblins. Now they look on at the Crooked Moons and wait for the perfect moment to strike.

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