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Greenskin Tribes ~ One Eyes

“Why’s you got two eyes still blinkin’ at me?! Youse eitha a One Eye or youse dinna! Wut’z it gunna be runt? If you wuz a night gobbo den dinna wud be da only choice, but seein’ as how youse not got shroomies growin’ out yer ears I’s gonna be generous enuff to give you da choice. Can’t have two eyes and belong to da One Eyes, dat wudn’t make sense wud it? Youse don’t see da Blue Face orcs paintin’ dere faces white do ya?! Brainz git! Use ’em if youse got em!”
~ Blinkin da One-Eye, Boss of the One Eye goblins

The One Eye goblins have the fortune of living in such an inhospitable stretch of land blessed with a high level of thermal geological activity. For any other race this land would be unworthy of life, but for the greenskins it is the perfect breeding ground, not that greenskins breed, but rather a ‘sporing ground.’ The geological benefits of this land allowed the One Eye goblins to grow at a prodigious rate. It is this growth and expansion of the One Eye tribe which decades, or even centuries, ago put them in direct conflict with the Crooked Moon night goblins. Now they look on at the Crooked Moons and wait for the perfect moment to strike.

Along the eastern edge of the Badlands, or at the western slopes of the World’s Edge Mountains, the cracked land gives way to a thermal pocket yearning to break free and reach the open skies. This geological phenomenon creates a land of toxic fumes and rancid waters, otherwise completely unsuitable for decent civilized life. The goblins however are anything but a civilized race, and for them this land is the perfect place to call home. It is in these thermal springs that the greenskin spores grow quite well and the mushrooms that don’t get eaten outright, grow to become either tomorrow’s dinner (in the case of snotlings), or the next generation of warriors.

The effects of this rapid growth, both in size and in quantity, of the One Eye goblins has been that their territorial expansion has put them in direct conflict with the Crooked Moon goblins who also at some point claimed ownership over lands at the western end of Death Pass. Such a territorial war between goblins, as one can imagine, became quite the fierce affair with teeth and nails flying about just as much as spears and arrows (and in all likelihood teeth and nails make up a fair share of spearheads and arrowheads, so nothing goes to waste!)

The tribal nature and commitment of the One Eye tribe goes to an extreme unrivaled by other tribes. In order to be a member of the One Eye tribe, goblins are expected to remove one eye, as a mark of loyalty to the tribe above all. The tribal shamans ensure that this gesture does much to please Mork, who plucked out his own eye to prove that he did not need it to be better than Gork – or so the tribal shamans tell the other goblins. The offering of the removed eye to Mork, via the shamans, is said to bring Mork’s favor upon the tribe in their coming battle. The shamans of course say that they cook up the eyes to give Mork a meal fit for his mighty green-ness, though some goblins are quick to observe that they have never seen Mork actually come and eat the eye-soup the shamans cook and come morning the pot is mysteriously empty. The shamans are quick to reply that Mork is to cunning to be caught and seen by those with only one eye, however now that their eyes are with Mork they will see things he wishes to show them.

Due to their physical limitations, or blessings, and their great numbers, the One Eyes are capable enough to overwhelm their opposition, but unable to effectively hold onto their gains for long, for it is somewhat hard to see an ambush coming with only one eye looking about. They will more than happily join any greenskin in fighting the Crooked Moons, or at the very least observe from a safe distance (whatever that means to someone lacking depth perception) while another army battles the Crooked Moons and sweep in at an opportune moment.

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