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Greenskin Tribes ~ Gutstabbas

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“Quit yer bellyachin’ you lousy lot o’ maggots! I’z ‘ungry, youse ‘ungry, we’z all ‘ungry ‘ungry orcz! It’z enuff dat I’z gotta ‘ear my guts chew on demselves all day, but to ‘ear yer yappin’ iz gonna drive a git mad! Wut do ya say I give you a bellyful o’ dis ‘ere choppa? Youse not gonna be ‘ungry anymore after dat! Wut do you say boyz?! Mugrip ‘ere want’s to eat choppa, should we give it to ‘im?!”
~ Kohz Gutstabba, Warboss of the Gutstabbas

The Gutstabbas of Thunder Mountain have survived against great odds in a land which is quite unforgiving. After defeating the local night goblins who inhabited the lava beds around the volcano, the Gutstabbas briefly feasted on their glory and settled in their new home, only to find that there wasn’t really much else to eat in those lands. Cannibalism is known to occur in the Gutstabbas, but that’s only when visitors don’t come over for dinner. The Gutstabbas certainly wouldn’t want to leave a bad impression on their dinner guests, that might unsettle the stomach.

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