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Greenskin Tribes ~ Gutstabbas

“Quit yer bellyachin’ you lousy lot o’ maggots! I’z ‘ungry, youse ‘ungry, we’z all ‘ungry ‘ungry orcz! It’z enuff dat I’z gotta ‘ear my guts chew on demselves all day, but to ‘ear yer yappin’ iz gonna drive a git mad! Wut do ya say I give you a bellyful o’ dis ‘ere choppa? Youse not gonna be ‘ungry anymore after dat! Wut do you say boyz?! Mugrip ‘ere want’s to eat choppa, should we give it to ‘im?!”
~ Kohz Gutstabba, Warboss of the Gutstabbas

The Gutstabbas of Thunder Mountain have survived against great odds in a land which is quite unforgiving. After defeating the local night goblins who inhabited the lava beds around the volcano, the Gutstabbas briefly feasted on their glory and settled in their new home, only to find that there wasn’t really much else to eat in those lands. Cannibalism is known to occur in the Gutstabbas, but that’s only when visitors don’t come over for dinner. The Gutstabbas certainly wouldn’t want to leave a bad impression on their dinner guests, that might unsettle the stomach.

In ages past, Thunder Mountain went by the name of Karag Dron by the then-locals, the dwarfs. As far as the greenskins can tell, ‘the stunties thought dat place wuz important.’ Unbeknownst to the greenskins, Karag Dron is of immense importance to the dwarfs for this was where nearly five thousand years ago the ancient Runelord Kurgaz discovered how to melt gromril and craft the first Anvils of Doom in the fiery heart of the volcano itself. He then bound the Rune of Sorcery to each Anvil of Doom so that they could harness the Winds of Magic. Fate and fortune were however not on the side of the dwarfs. One fateful day a ancient dragon named Azorgaron swept into the skies above Karag Dron and was drawn to the work of the dwarfs. The battle between the Runelords and the dragon was so fierce that it tore the mountain apart, and though the dwarfs wounded the mighty beast, in the end they had to abandon the forges of Karag Dron.

After the dwarfs departure and with no signs of Azorgaron aside from the burnmarks on the landscape, Thunder Mountain was quickly occupied by a new host, one that seemed to find the warm darkness of the destroyed volcano quite appealing – night goblins. Dwarfen annals do not record the name of the tribe that claimed Thunder Mountain once the dwarfs left, perhaps there were no grudges to inflict, or none that could surpass that of Azorgaron. The night goblins unfortunately were soon to be conquered and ousted by the Gutstabba orcs. It is little wonder that in such a tumultuous landscape that the inhabitants of the ruined volcano would change so many times.

The Gutstabbas survived both the trials of nature as the volcano occasionally gave signs of life, though they were more likely to believe Gork was talking to them, and the great war that plagued Death Pass. For centuries this pass has been the battleground of dozens of orc tribes battling for supremacy of this mountain or that cave, the dwarfs who bitterly clung to their ancestral past as it slipped through their fingers, and the skaven whose lust for warpstone swept over the old world as a plague. A little over a hundred years ago the Gutstabbas were briefly subjugated by Grom the Paunch and his Broken Axe goblins, which shamed the orcs to no end and gave the night goblins of Thunder Mountain much to rejoice over. However, Grom’s time in the Old World was not to last and with his departure the Gutstabbas regained their autonomy and dominance over Thunder Mountain, much to the dismay of the night goblins once again.

As the battle for Karak Eight Peaks wages on in the distance, the Gutstabbas of Thunder Mountain bide their time seeing which way the winds will blow. Should they align with the mighty Gorfang Rotgut of Black Crag, or perhaps use the Crooked Moons of Karak Eight Peaks to weaken Gorfang so they can get a more comfortable home? Or is there a third power behind which the Gutstabbas can stand, choppa in hand and at the ready to strike? If a hungry orc is a dangerous orc, then the Gutstabbas are the most dangerous of the lot, but only time will show if the Gutstabbas have it in them to act decisively.

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