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Greenskin Tribes ~ Bone Noses

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“Rite den you gits, we’z marchin’ norf across da skelly sands, and no git ‘ere is gonna grunt or moan about da sun! Youse been licking water off dese green leaves too long and Gork an’ Mork sez we’z gotta leave da green behind. Da only way to spread da green to all da lands is to leave dis behind and go where Wurrzag leads us, and for now dat’s across dem sands. Mork an’ Gork are with us! Time for dese bones to get baked in da sun!”
~ Gutrot da Savage, Warboss of the Bone Noses

The journey of the Bone Noses is much like the journey of the shadow of a great man. To describe the shadow is to overlook the greatness of he who casts the shadow, but alas overlooking greatness is standard when describing the greenskins. The Bone Nose tribe has undertaken one of the great and dangerous migrations of any tribe, and all in order to follow their spiritual star north – Wurrzag. It is with the utmost confidence in Wurrzag’s connection with the gods Mork and Gork that the Bone Noses set out after him as he searches for the Once and Future Git, a greenskin who will unite all the greenskin tribes for their great and triumphant victory over all other races.

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